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Thread: Mailman Muscle: Story of The Bodybuilding Powerlifter

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    Default 2/9/24 - Diet Update

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    Quote Originally Posted by K.Diesel View Post
    My weight increased a lot from Sunday/Monday (190.2 & 190.6 respectively), to 193.8 Wednesday. My diet app gives me a weekly review tomorrow, and plots out my next weekís macros. Iíll see what it suggests. My guess is a drop in macros.
    Well, wellÖ it seems that in spite of my spike in weight, it went back down enough over the last 2 days (I was 191.8 this morning) such that my average for the week was 191.6 lbs. Thatís a decrease of 0.9 lbs for the week, so the app recommended that I keep my nutrients the same for the third straight week.

    For a reference point, here is how my weight has progressed since this contest prep started. The weekly review weights are averages from all my weigh-ins that week. I weigh myself just about every day when I wake up.

    Diet setup (last week of December): 200.2 lbs
    1/2 (first weigh in): 198.8
    1/6 review: 196.3 average
    1/13 review: ? (didnít record)
    1/19 review: 194.6 average
    1/26 review: 193.8 average
    2/2 review: 192.5 average
    2/9 review: 191.6 average

    However, I realized something today about my timeline for this show: I have been off by a week. I want to be ready a week before the show, and then stay in a holding pattern for that final week. I know myself well enough to know that Iíll be in a much better frame of mind, and less stressed if Iím blessed to accomplish that. So even though tomorrow makes 13 weeks until the show, itís 12 weeks until I want to hit my target.

    With that in mind, I told the app to program a decrease in nutrients for the next week. It lets you ask for a small, medium, or large decrease (or increase if you want). Iím not panicking, so I picked small. By small, hereís what it meansÖ

    Protein: stays at 190g per day across the board
    Fat: FROM 55-65g per day depending on activity TO 50g per day across the board
    Carbohydrate*: FROM 195-245g per day depending on activity TO 160-230g per day depending on activity
    * NOTE: this app counts net carbs, meaning the total carbohydrates in a food minus the fiber in it

    Iíve been taught that adversity is the mother of creativity. This contest diet is reinforcing the truth of that concept to me, because so far, I have figured out ways to manipulate my food intake in order to fit these macros. I made a list of diet tweaks to use as the weeks go on, and this weekís is probably going to hit something I absolutely love - my coffee. I think Iíll replace some (not all) of the amount of half & half I use in it with unsweetened vanilla almond milk. That should cover most of the reduction in daily fat intake.

    I want to hold off on tweaking some of my staple protein sources as much as possible, those being 90% lean ground beef and the various parts of a whole rotisserie chicken (minus the skin). Those animal proteins are where the bulk of my dietary fat comes from. At some point, I expect to switch to 93% lean beef and/or chicken breast, and then possibly go from 93% to 96% lean beef for the final weeks. I switched from 2% milk to 1% milk a couple of weeks ago to accommodate my last drop in daily fat intake. Another tweak Iím holding onto is cutting from 1% to fat free milk if necessary.

    I have some others in my back pocket for reducing carbs and fats. Meanwhile, Iím hoping that I can continue to move some decent weight in the gym, not feel hungry all day, and not be sluggish at work. 🤞🏾

    Speaking of work, todayís steps for Friday 2/9/24: 9,805 steps, 4.4 miles, 5 floors climbed

    My youngest (5th grade, age 11) daughterís dance ensemble performed at their high schoolís varsity and JV basketball games today, so my wife and I were there for that and didnít train. Upper body gets hit after work tomorrow.

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    It has been an interesting few days. I had work and training on Saturday, grocery shopping and the Super Bowl on Sunday, and diarrhea from about 3am on Monday through possibly right now. I say possibly because I haven’t been to the bathroom yet today, but my stomach still hurts.

    Anyway, here’s the recap. Commentary at the end. Might be a bit gross.

    Bodyweight over the past 3 days has been under 190 lbs: 189.4, 187.2, 188.6.

    Saturday 2/10/24: 8,994 steps, 4.0 miles, 9 floors climbed

    Upper #2, Gold’s Gym

    Hammer Strength Isolateral Incline Press - I don’t know how much the arms of this weigh, but it’s probably 10 lbs at the most.
    empty/10 reps
    45+ lbs/10 reps - weights are per side
    115/8 (0:44)
    drop set: 115/5 (0:30) + 90/5 (0:34)

    Pullover - This is an updated version of the famous, old school Nautilus machine.
    95 lbs/12 reps
    140/13 (1:48) - That’s not a typo. This set was really almost 2 minutes long. Crazy slow negatives. I’ll have to up the weight next time.

    Seated High Row - neutral grip, shoulder width
    60 lbs/10-12 reps - lost count
    200/10 (0:52)

    This is a new machine in the gym, or at least my first time seeing it. You can grab it with a neutral or overhand grip. You’re pulling along a fixed (hydraulic?) track, sort of like what a leg press moves on. Anyway, this was quite a surprise: I maxed out the stack on the machine on my first time using it. I don’t think I’ve ever done that on a machine before. If I have, I don’t remember. I can’t believe that I maxed a machine at Gold’s before doing so at Planet Fitness. Life is interesting.

    60 lbs/15 - dumbbells
    48 kg (106 lbs)/15 left, 15 right - kettlebell; They only had one at this size. It looked fun.

    Seated Calf Raise
    50 lbs/15 reps
    100/21 (1:02) - I might have had 2-3 more, but my right foot slipped off of the pad and that was that.

    Cable Crossover - I’ve been lifting for just about 20 years, and this was my first time ever doing these.
    30 lbs/10 reps - weight was per side
    80/0 - nope, way too heavy
    50/12 (1:00) - handles high, pressing down
    50/9.5 (0:43) - handles low, pressing up, 10th rep wouldn’t go

    Cable Pressdown - standing, back against pad, ^ shaped handle
    50 lbs/8 reps
    drop-rest pause set: 80/5 (0:22) + 60/7 (0:26) + 7 (0:22) + 5 (0:25)

    I probably should have gone with 70 and stuck with that for a few rounds.

    Cable Curl - short, straight handle; cable on floor
    50 lbs/10 reps
    rest-pause set: 80/15 (0:59) + 10 (0:38)

    I wasn’t in an especially good mood going into this, and did a few exercises that I didn’t have planned just for kicks. I’m glad I did.

    Sunday 2/11/24: 5,800 steps, 2.3 miles, 6 floors climbed

    Chiefs win. Again. Yay. Now I can focus my recreational sports entertainment attention on the road to WrestleMania 40, which is the weekend after the Baltimore Orioles open the 2024 season at home. Pitchers and catchers report to spring training tomorrow. I’m a bigger baseball fan than football, so I’m excited.

    Monday 2/12/14: 564 steps, 0.23 miles, 6 floors climbed


    Around 3 am, I had a lot of pain (maybe cramping too) in my lower abdomen. I ended up going to the bathroom about every two hours after that until about 9am. I’m off on Mondays, so I took it easy yesterday and ate as close to a BRAT diet as possible - cream of wheat, bananas, rice cakes, and some lean chicken and beef in the mid to late part of the day. I also took some Pepto Bismol. Things seemed to be calming down, but at 11:30 last night I went to the bathroom and saw what appears to be blood in my stool. I’ve taken Pepto before - it has been a long time - and remember it changing stool to black, but never red. So I don’t think that was it. The same thing happened 2 more times last night.

    Fortunately, I slept through the night without waking up for the bathroom or anything else. I didn’t have to go again until a half hour ago. Good news: more solid than yesterday. Bad news: as much or more “blood” as yesterday. Even if Pepto is causing it, I hadn’t taken any for at least 12 hours. It’s making me concerned, along with the fact that this subtle cramping/pain in my lower abdomen isn’t going away. I didn’t feel it when I woke up, but it was there maybe 15 minutes or so after I first sat up in bed. I don’t want to go to urgent care or the ER, but if this blood (or whatever it is) persists, I think I’d rather be safe than sorry.

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    Default Update

    I went to urgent care this evening, which is partnered with and less than a half block from the hospital where our primary doctors are based, and almost all of our medical records are. I figured if it was something worse than they could handle, then they could send me to the ER and hopefully I wouldnít have to reset the wait clock.

    Fortunately, it didnít go that far, but Iím not out of the woods yet. They were able to rule out hemorrhoids. They said that diarrhea - not the blood part - is a symptom of flu and Covid, so they tested me for both and Iím negative for both. I had my first colonoscopy at the end of 2022, and that was as clear as could be. So unless something has changed rapidly, anything major should (would?) have been seen.

    They gave me a testing kit to take home. YesÖ I have to put stool samples into 3 separate vials and drop them off at a lab tomorrow. For better or for worse, ever since Iíve been home from urgent care, Iíve gone to the bathroom twice, and *TMI WARNING* it hasnít actually been feces. It has just been bloody mucus, and it hasnít been enough to get the solution in the vials past the fill line. So now Iím finding myself needing to go again, and at the moment, I canít. Go figure.

    They also told me to contact my primary provider tomorrow morning and see if thereís any way they can get me in to be seen. I donít know how likely that is, but Iíll find out. Maybe this is an infection that will pass before any interventions get going. But I was also told that if I get any additional symptoms - specifically nausea, dizziness, fever, chills - to go to the ER immediately. Other than that, I canít do much more at the moment besides wait.

    This may be crazy, but I went to the gym tonight after all of this. I basically feel fine besides the bathroom trips and lower abdominal pain which comes and goes. I donít know what the outcome will be of whatever is going on, but Iím staying on course until I have a more compelling reason not to.

    Tuesday 2/13/24

    Lower, Planet Fitness

    Seated Leg Curl
    55 lbs/10 reps
    115/12 - more like 11 1/2
    40/6 left + 6 right
    40/6 left + 6 right
    40/10 left + 10 right

    Leg Extension
    70 lbs/12 reps
    160/1 + 145/15 - I could tell after 1 rep that I overshot the weight
    60/10 left + 10 right
    60/10 left + 10 right
    70/11 left + 11 right

    Calf Press - did this on the seated upright leg press
    100 lbs/10 reps

    Glute Kickback Machine
    100 lbs/12 left + 12 right x 2

    Adductor Machine
    85 lbs/20 reps

    Abductor Machine
    100 lbs/15 reps

    This was a different kind of workout for me. I didnít do any compound movements, because I didnít want to strain or put pressure on my abdomen. Without any variation of squat, deadlift or leg press, it was all isolation machines. I think I accomplished what I wanted to do: make up for Mondayís missed lower body session without aggravating what caused my to miss it in the first place. Letís see what tomorrow brings.

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    Default Update 2, Plus Upper #1

    In an interesting twist, it seems that since I left urgent care, the diarrhea and stomach pain has been replaced by constipation and loss/decline of appetite. I havenít had a real movement since before I went to urgent care on Tuesday. There were a handful of times when I felt an urge to go yesterday, and every time nothing came out except for the last time, just before I went to bed. And there was no 💩 at all - just blood and mucus. Full disclosureÖ that spiked my anxiety, and made it a bit difficult to fall asleep. But it went into one of the three sample collection vials they gave me anyway. Then this afternoon, I finally passed just enough of everything to complete the stool sample - and I mean barely enough. But over the minimum is all I needed, so I dropped that off at the lab a few hours ago.

    I have a Telehealth follow up with my PCP tomorrow afternoon (they couldnít squeeze me into an office visit). I hope that the lab has tested my samples and uploaded the results before that appointment. If so, I would imagine my not being there in person wonít matter. Besides, I already had a rectal exam at urgent care. Side note: I think my wife and I are going to get some mileage out of the joke that came from me telling her about how since she didnít go with me, I ended up half naked in a room with two women Iíd just met, and one of them had her 👆🏾 in my 🍑


    Anyway, I told her about that on the way to the gym last night. This is what happened when we got thereÖ

    Wednesday 2/14/24: 2,664 steps, 1.0 miles, 5 floors climbed

    Upper #1, Planet Fitness

    Smith Machine High Incline Press - the éydrūnas Savickas hypertrophy hack (seriously, it is)
    bar/15 reps
    50+ lbs/7 reps
    120+/2 - this ended up being a tester or feeler set. After 2 reps, I realized it was the right weight, but my mind wasnít ready yet.
    drop set: 120+/8 (0:40) + 100+/5 + negative (0:30)
    100+/8 + negative (0:40)

    After the final positive rep on each of the work sets, I lowered the bar as close to my shoulders as possible before racking to get an extra negative in. Also, if youíre comparing this to previous Upper #1ís, yes I should have done Arnold Press here. But the smith machine was closer to the leg press that my wife was using. After all, it was still Valentineís Day. 😁

    Smith Machine Barbell Row
    bar/12 reps
    90+ lbs/9 reps
    180+/10 (0:25) - started using Versa Gripps here
    inadvertent rest-pause set: 180+/7 + 5

    That last set was supposed to be a straight set. But I decided to try it with my thumbs wrapped around the bar, which is something I never do for any pulls except competition deadlifts, and maybe snatch grip deadlift variations. It felt terrible in a couple of ways, and I didnít want my experience with this exercise to end like that. So I racked it, took a few moments, and did 5 more reps without the thumb. They felt good.

    Cable Pulldown - close grip V-handle, neutral grip
    85 lbs/10 reps
    drop/rest-pause set: 200/6 (0:28) + 165/7 (0:27) + 165/8 (0:32)

    +70 lbs assistance/8 reps

    Rear Delt Machine
    65 lbs/6 reps
    125/20 (0:43) - the ROM on those last 3 or 4 got short in a hurry

    Pec Deck - same machine, facing the other way
    125/15 - I tried for a 16th. It barely moved.

    That was my first time doing 2 full sessions on consecutive days in a long time. But since I didnít do any highly fatiguing movements on Tuesday, I think I had plenty in the tank to have a good session last night. Unless I get some news I donít want to hear from my doctor tomorrow, then Iím sticking to the plan - lower body tomorrow, and my second posing clinic on Saturday.

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    Oh my, Kaisheem. We do hope the best for you and that you get through whatever this is that's ailing you, sooner rather than later.

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    Default Back To Normal? 🤞🏾

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Anders View Post
    Oh my, Kaisheem. We do hope the best for you and that you get through whatever this is that's ailing you, sooner rather than later.
    Thank you Bill! After a few anxiety filled days, Iím finally having some reason for optimism.

    I saw my primary care provider today. She told me to take a laxative, start taking a probiotic, and stop taking NSAIDs until we figure out what caused the bleeding. Also, even if I donít go to the bathroom, if Iím passing gas (I hadnít been) then thatís good. If my belly becomes distended and I canít pass gas, then I need to go to the hospital because thatís a sign I have a bowel obstruction.

    Coincidentally, after the appointment I went to the bathroom (win #1) and didnít see any blood (win #2). Iím not declaring victory just yet, because my lab results havenít come back yet. But I feel a bit of relief - no pun intended - for the first time all week.

    Friday 2/16/24: 3,400 steps, 1.2 miles, 7 floors climbed

    Lower #1, Goldís Gym

    Standing Calf Raise
    100 lbs/12 reps (1:00)
    drop set: 140/10 (1:00) + 100/10 (0:42)

    Hyperextension - this one is way sturdier and more stable than the one at Planet Fitness
    bodyweight/10 reps
    +25/12 (1:09)
    drop set: +25/10 (0:54) + BW/10 (0:43)

    Vertical Leg Press - I had not done these in a month (since 1/15).
    sled/11 reps
    90+ lbs/10 reps
    180+/10 (0:47)
    180+/10 (0:52)

    Wide Platform Leg Press - I used this one for the first time 2 weeks ago.
    270+ lbs/6 reps
    450+/6 - this was my top weight last time; felt like I could do more tonight
    rest-pause set: 540+/10 (0:49) + 3 (0:20)

    Prone Leg Curl
    90 lbs/10 reps
    rest-pause set: 140/14 (0:37) + 8 (0:22) - those final 2 reps were really partials

    Seated Lateral Raise Machine - Clearly this isnít lower body. My wife was on pec deck, and I didnít hit side delts on Wednesday.
    John Meadows warmup: 6 reps each at 30, 50, 70, and 90 lbs, no rest
    drop set: 130/5 + 110/5 + 90/5 + 70/10 + 50/10

    The 130 and 110 rounds were partials, by design. Heavy side lateral partials on the lateral raise is another nugget I picked up from the dearly departed Mr. Meadows. Fortunately, his family is still running his YouTube channel, Mountaindog1.

    ďSuper AbsĒ Machine
    145 lbs/20 left + 10 right + 10 right + 5 middle + 10 middle + 5 middle

    I should have taken a full rest after left side reps, then right side reps. I didnít gain anything by trying to do them nonstop.

    Posing clinic tomorrow! I hope to get some professional feedback from the instructor I worked with last time. Last time, my wife and I were in the same session. This time, mine is at 1pm and hers is at 2pm. Hopefully this means weíll both be able to record one another and get better video footage from this one. We couldnít set the tripods up too well last time, so the angles werenít the best.

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    That is good news so far. We're hoping for more for you!!

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    Default Back To Work

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Anders View Post
    That is good news so far. We're hoping for more for you!!
    Thank you! Iím still waiting for lab results, but based on a lack of symptoms and how Iím feeling, I think I have turned a corner. 🤲🏾

    I noticed something a few weeks ago that was confirmed at the clinic: I donít have a left leg, at least from the side. From the front, they look like the same size, and the left may even have a bit more detail. But from the side, itís like these legs arenít attached to the same body. For what itís worth, the entire left side of my body feels ďoffĒ anyway, and has for some time. In addition to being right side dominant, tearing a labrum in my left shoulder 13 years ago certainly didnít help, even with my lower body. Iíve been able to tell that thereís a difference from one leg to the other when squatting for a long time. I donít expect to make up years worth of imbalance in 12 weeks, but I have to try to do something. Last night, I added some left leg work to an upper body day. Depending on how I can recover and be ready to hit the streets plus train lower body, I might keep this up for a while.

    Monday 2/19/24: 3,604 steps, 1.3 miles, 3 floors climbed

    Upper #2 (+ Left Leg & Calves), Planet Fitness

    Note: I didnít record any of this session, so I donít know how long these sets were.

    Leg Press - left leg only
    90+ lbs/12 reps

    All of these sets except the last one wear done with my foot low on the platform, and just about shoulder width. For the last one, I tried it with my foot high and wide.

    Calf Press - on the leg press

    I was already there. Plus if I had been at Goldís, I probably would have hit the standing calf raise thatís right outside of the locker room anyway.

    Arnold Press - weights are per hand
    25 lbs/12 reps
    drop set: 65/10 + 55/5 + 40/6

    Seated Lateral Raise - weights are per hand
    20 lbs/12 reps

    No warm up needed. The last 3-4 reps of each set were partials. FWIW I never let my arms hang straight down at the bottom of these once I start a set. I was going to do this as a drop set, but by this time, my wife had come from another part of the gym to do join me and do laterals herself. I ended up doing my sets around one of hers.

    Cable Pulldown - wide, neutral grip handle
    100 lbs/12 reps
    200/9 - started using Versa Gripps here

    I think I have discovered that on any vertical pull, including chin-ups, I can crank out more reps that feel clean and focused if I use a neutral or underhand grip.

    Pec Deck
    85 lbs/12 reps
    115/12 + 4 partials
    - the ROM on those partials was so short, I couldnít put them in the rep count.

    Seated Cable Row - neutral grip, just inside shoulder width.
    120 lbs/10 reps
    drop set: 180/11 + 140/10 - probably 9 1/2 on that second round

    Cable Pressdown - short, straight bar
    40 lbs/11 reps
    drop set: 85/8 + 70/7 + 55/6

    Preacher Curl Machine
    75 lbs/21 reps

    At some point during that set, I decided that instead of being a warm up, I would do enough reps to make it a work set so I could leave. Itís not like I was there for a long time. This whole thing only took an hour and five minutes, and that included hopping off of the leg press to claim a smith machine and hold it until my wife could finish something in another part of the gym and then come over to start squats on it. I was just hungry.

    Tuesday 2/20/24: 15,942 steps, 7.2 miles, 4 floors climbed

    This was my first day back at work after an unexpected week off. It was also the day after a federal holiday in the US (Presidentsí Day). Those are always long days in the post office. Along with some needed overtime, Iím glad to get back to my normal activity levels. It should help my fat loss get back on track. Iím not mentally prepared to start doing cardio off the clock. I havenít done that in 18 years.

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    Default Stimulus To Fatigue Ratio 😰

    Wednesday 2/21/24: 10,545 steps, 4.6 miles, 6 floors climbed

    Lower #2, Planet Fitness

    Smith Machine Good Morning
    55 lbs + bar/15 reps

    There was only one smith machine available. My wife needed to do lunges, then sumo deadlifts. I was supposed to do good mornings and squats. By the time I got to the smith machine, she was doing her last set of lunges. So I decided to do a warmup set of good mornings, then do sumo deadlifts myself. It would have taken to much time stripping the bar and moving it from the bottom of the rack to shoulder height, and vice versa, after every set.

    Smith Machine Sumo Deadlift - I may have done sumos on the smith 3 or 4 times in my life before this
    55 lbs + bar/8 reps
    270+/8 - started using Versa Gripps here
    360+/6 (0:19) - started wearing belt here
    410+/6 (0:31)

    Smith Machine Squat - sort of high bar
    90 lbs + bar/6 reps
    230+/6 (0:31) - started using belt here
    230+/10 (0:47)

    I’m not sure if I should count that first set with 230+ as a work set or not. It felt challenging, but not backbreaking in the moment. But if I had 10 reps in me 2-3 minutes later, then how hard could the first set have been? I guess it all adds up in the end.

    Seated Leg Curl
    85 lbs/10 reps
    drop set: 145/13 (0:36) + 115/11 (0:29)

    Leg Extension
    100 lbs/12 reps
    rest-pause/drop set: 160/17 (0:36) + 70/9 left leg (0:19) + 55/5 left (0:07)

    Hammer Abs Machine - similar to the “Super Abs” at Gold’s, but it only goes straight - no twist to the left or right
    rest-pause set: 50 lbs/15 + 10 + 5 + 5 reps

    Even with a trip to the locker room to change shirts and shoes between deadlift and squat, this took less than an hour. Under normal circumstances, I would not squat after deadlifts. It just seems so anti-powerlifting that it doesn’t feel right. Either way, I walked out of the gym feeling that what Dr. Mike Israetel often refers to - “SFR: stimulus to fatigue ratio” - was much higher than normal tonight. I feel much better now that I’ve eaten dinner. But yeah… that felt like work.

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    Default Straight Sets

    starting strength coach development program
    Catching up. Iíve worked some overtime every day this week, plus trying to get things in order for next week when my wife and I make our 13th or 14th trip to the Arnold Classic/Arnold Sports Festival. Itís a fun getaway for us, and an immersion into everything related to lifting and fitness culture: bodybuilding, powerlifting, strongman, and a bunch of other stuff. I need to be nailing my diet over the next week, because Iím going to have 2 (maybe 3) restaurant meals on this trip that are not going to fit my macros, no matter what I do. I already factored this into prep, and I think Iíll be okay.

    Thursday 2/22/24: 12,332 steps, 5.5 miles, 4 floors climbed

    Friday 2/23/24: 11,128 steps, 4.9 miles, 9 floors climbed

    Upper #1, Goldís Gym

    Standing Calf Raise - not upper body, just conveniently outside the locker room
    100 lbs/12 reps
    160/10 (0:58)
    160/18 (0:45)

    I tried different rep speeds with the same load on the work sets.

    T-Bar Row - hadnít done these since Feb. 5, topped out at 2 drop sets starting with 160+ lbs
    bar/8 wide overhand + 8 close neutral
    45+ lbs/9 wide + 9 neutral - the bar feels like next to nothing, but it canít be zero
    100/5 wide + 5 neutral
    145/5 wide + 3 neutral
    170/12 wide (0:30) - started wearing belt and Versa Gripps here; last 2 reps had slightly less ROM
    170/12 neutral (0:26) - definitely a partial on the last rep

    Decline Bench Press - with Rogue neutral grip bar, hadnít done these since Feb. 5, topped w/drop set starting with 205
    bar/12 reps
    135 lbs/10 reps
    225/5 (0:22)
    195/8 (0:31)

    I have to keep reminding myself that Iím the lightest I have been in over 10 years, probably 12-13 years. I have to give myself some grace on these lifts. Iím still keeping up with where I was a few weeks ago, so thatís a good sign.

    Pullover - last did these on Feb. 10; a long set with 140 that took almost 2 minutes; I wasnít doing that again
    80 lbs/12 reps
    155/12.5 (1:15) - tried and failed a 13th rep

    Rear Delt Machine - never used this one before, but theyíre all very similar
    70 lbs/15 reps - only did this to get used to the feel of this machine, not warm muscles
    120/15.5 - tried and failed a 16th rep

    Standing Lateral Raise Machine - on Feb. 5, did a crazy drop set starting with 100 lbs
    50 lbs/5 reps - just to feel the movement
    80/14 (0:41) - partials on last 2 reps

    Cable Crossover - cables at shoulder height
    50 lbs/6 reps
    50/14 (0:55)

    I wasnít sure what weight I would go with, since this is only my second time ever doing them. I did a few reps with the weight I used last time, and decided to run it again for a full set.

    Standing Cable Pressdown - back against pad
    60 lbs/16 reps (0:50)

    I didnít go into this workout planning to do straight sets, with no set extenders or extra intensity techniques. Iím not sure why I did, but I feel very good about how it went. I might try this again on my next lower day. Weíll see.

    Saturday 2/24/24: 16,815 steps, 7.8 miles, 6 floors climbed

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