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Thread: Mailman Muscle: Story of The Bodybuilding Powerlifter

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    Default 18 Days To Go

    • starting strength seminar jume 2024
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    • starting strength seminar october 2024
    Tuesday 4/23/24: 17,038 steps, 7.8 miles, 8 floors climbed

    An observation, and itís not something Iíve just noticed, but I think itís my first time sharing it here: I look better at night. My muscles look more full, lines are more visible, separation is better, veins are more veiny - everything looks better. The only time that isnít true is if Iíve eaten something that makes me bloated. My guess is that it has to do with all food, beverage, salt, etc. that Iíve consumed over the course of the day. Unfortunately, I will be on stage at about 8:30 am.

    In order, my top 3 priorities from now to the show are:
    1. Stay healthy and intact so I make it to the stage.
    2. Posing, posing, posing (I have a one-on-one virtual session with my posing coach on Monday)
    3. Figure out how to replicate the way I look at night in the morning.

    Lower body day tomorrow.

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    Default 2 Weeks To Go, 2 Workouts To Log

    Since I have 2 workouts to log, Iím only going to list the work sets for each exercise to make it easier for all of us to get through. 😁

    Wednesday 4/24/24: 16,101 steps, 7.3 miles, 8 floors climbed

    Lower #2, Planet Fitness

    Smith Machine Good Morning
    140 lbs + bar/8 reps

    I tried a suggestion from Dr. Mike, and set the safety pins at the low point of my reps as a way to standardize my range of motion, and ensure that I stay tight and control the eccentric. Good call from him - it helps.

    Smith Machine Squat - high bar, sitting on my ankles, link to video of heaviest set posted below
    *190+/7 - *This was supposed to be a work set. I added my belt, but forgot to increase the weight like I planned for this set. No wonder it felt easy.
    230 lbs + bar/7 reps

    Calf Press - on plate loaded leg press
    180 lbs + sled/20 reps

    Seated Leg Curl
    130 lbs/13 reps - tried a rep at 145, aborted that mission and dropped it by a plate

    Thursday 4/25/24: 14,322 steps, 6.3 miles, 10 floors climbed

    Friday 4/26/24: 15,827 steps, 6.9 miles, 13 floors climbed

    Upper #3, Goldís Gym

    Rogue Bar Bench Press - neutral grip
    185 lbs/9 reps

    Iím replacing these with dumbbell bench press - flat or very low incline - after the show.

    Cable Pulldown - very wide, MAG (anchor) handle
    180 lbs/13 reps

    Seated Lateral Raise Machine - the kind where you bend your arms and put your forearms against the pads
    60 lbs/20 reps

    Standing Triceps Pressdown - back against pad to prevent cheating, and I guess for stability
    60 lbs/13 reps

    Standing Cable Curl
    70 lbs/18 reps

    I made some clips from last night into a reel that I posted to my Instagram and Facebook pages (link below). It was inspired by all the comments Iíve been getting lately from people telling me how slim or skinny I look. I donít know if they realize it or not, but itís not a compliment. I canít wait to start eating and gaining again. Fortunately, with only 2 more weeks until I finish this story, I can see the stage lights at the end of this tunnel.

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    Default T-minus 10 days, and countingÖ

    For the benefit of those who donít follow me on Instagram (I imagine that is all of you), here is a link to my most recent progress pics on Instagram. They compare where I was when I started this contest prep to where I was on Sunday morning, 13 days before the show.

    This is a training log, so I suppose I should log my recent training, even though that seems almost like an afterthought at this stage. Sundayís training is barely worth mentioning.

    Saturday 4/27/24: 9,669 steps, 4.3 miles, 13 floors climbed

    Sunday 4/28/24: 4,942 steps, 2.0 miles, 8 floors climbed

    Lower #3, Goldís Gym

    Hereís the summary: I did some calf raises and hyperextensions, and just as I was getting into the meat and potatoes of this session (starting with leg curls), our oldest daughter called us and informed us of a power outage in the neighborhood. I went online and reported the outage to our utility company. They said it was an estimated 2-3 hours before power was restored. Our children arenít little (18, 13, 11) but they donít have any experience with power outages or comparable challenges. So my wife and I aborted the gym mission and went home.

    Monday 4/29/24: 7,334 steps, 2.8 miles, 9 floors climbed

    I had a one on one virtual session with the posing coach who has been teaching the group classes I have attended. I think this investment is going to pay off. One of the mandatory poses is ďabdominals and thighsĒ (with hands over your head). I could not figure out how to do it in a way that would keep either of my thighs flexed, and she helped me figure out a way to do it and make it look good. Two other poses are ďfront lat spreadĒ and ďrear lat spreadĒ (both with hands on waist or hips). This whole time, Iíve been doing it with my hands too low. She had me position my hands just under my ribs - higher than Iíve been placing them - and all of a sudden, my lats got an inch or two wider. A few other things got fine tuned as well.

    But she said something else that has been at the forefront of my mind, and it has increased both my confidence and anxiety. Unsolicited, she said I have a very good chance to win the masters 40+ (as if she expects me to win), and depending on who shows up, I have a legit chance at the open. Now Iím nervous. I didnít have any expectations before. After hearing that, now I might be disappointed if I donít win something. I guess I better put my best foot forward over the next week and a half.

    Tuesday 4/30/24: 12,689 steps, 5.6 miles, 12 floors climbed

    Upper #1, Planet Fitness

    This was supposed to start with dips and chin-ups. But every dip and chin-up station was in use, so rather than wait, I improvised.

    Cable Pulldown - short bar, underhand grip
    70 lbs/15 reps
    add set: 100/5 + 140/5 + 160/5
    180/11 - I used Versa Gripps for these

    Seated Triceps Press Machine - I did these leaning forward, barely sitting on the seat pad to mimic a dip
    80 lbs/10 reps
    add set: 125/6, 6 (shifted seat position after the first 6)+ 160/10
    test set: 205/3 + 190/5 - I wasnít sure what my work weight should be, so I figured I should test it before committing to it. Settled on 190.
    190/18 - I probably should have gone with 195 or 200 lbs.

    Standing Dumbbell Lateral Raise - weights listed are per hand
    10 lbs/15 reps
    drop set: 20ís/10 + 15ís/8 + 10ís/10

    Smith Machine Shrug
    90 lbs + bar/12 reps
    180+/10 - added Versa Gripps here

    Hammer Strength Ab Machine - crunch from top and bottom simultaneously
    30 lbs/5 reps + 50/5 + 70/5 + 50/5, 5, 5 + 30/10

    I donít know what to call this set. I took 5 breaths each time I changed the pin, and between the clusters of 5 with 50 lbs.

    10 days to goÖ

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    Great work, Kaisheem!

    It will be over before you know it. What will be interesting to see after you have a bit of recovery time is if you decide to pursue competition again.

    I'm looking forward to your posts after next weekend!

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    Default PEAK WEEK!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Anders View Post
    Great work, Kaisheem!

    It will be over before you know it. What will be interesting to see after you have a bit of recovery time is if you decide to pursue competition again.

    I'm looking forward to your posts after next weekend!
    Thank you! My wife is already insisting that Iíll be doing this again. Iím open to the idea, but Iíd like to see how this goes before I mentally or otherwise commit to another one. 🙂

    Today is Monday, May 6. I am in the midst of what has already been one of the busiest months in our familyís history, and it will get more hectic every week. Last week, my son had baseball practice and games, my youngest daughter had a spring orchestra concert playing cello, and my oldest daughter had her final dance performances of her high school career. Looking ahead, my wife has to go to Dallas for work the week of the 20th, meaning I get to man the fort alone. Then in the final week of the month, on consecutive days: my sonís 14th birthday, my youngestís lower school promotion ceremony, my sonís middle school promotion ceremony, and my oldestís high school graduation. Somehow, we also ended up with tickets to 2 Orioles games at Camden Yards for our first of hopefully several games this season.

    But this week is the one I have been laser focused on for months. This week is what many in the bodybuilding sphere refer to as ďpeak weekĒ, when competitors strive to manipulate their intake of water, carbs, sodium, and maybe potassium in such a way that they look as full, dry and shredded as possible at the precise moment that they get on stage. For enhanced athletes, those factors also include whatever drugs on top of the macro and micronutrients. Some coaches claim to have peaking down to a science, but to truly nail a peak for someone, a degree of trial and error is involved. From what I have read and researched, there seems to be a consensus that you can improve your look by an estimated 5-10% (not sure how that is quantified) if you nail your peak. I have also read that you can worsen your look by 30% or more by manipulating those factors and missing your peak.

    Since Iím coaching myself, and have had very little room to conduct trials on myself, I have decided not to try to peak. Iím going to change almost nothing, and coast into this show trying to hold the look I have right now. Iím a few pounds lighter than I was in those photos a few posts ago. Over the past 2 days, I have weighed between 167-168 pounds when waking up. I havenít been this light since the fall of 2006, after my first summer of delivering mail. But I donít look anything like I did then. I think my look right now is competitive with most of the amateurs Iíve had a chance to see in this organization, especially in the masters 40+ category. Iíll take my chances with what Iíve done over the past 18+ weeks, rather than taking a chance that could ruin what Iíve done over the past 18+ weeks.

    Before powerlifting competitions, I have typically been all kinds of anxious. And last week, my posing coachís complimentary words caused me to be nervous. But now that Iíve reached this week, those nerves seem to have gone away - at least for the moment. Iím surprisingly calm. The only thing that is concerning me is whether or not Iíll have enough stamina posing on stage. Iím going to be in 3 categories of the bodybuilding division. Based on the ďpose-alongsĒ Iíve done to competitions posted by this organization (OCB) on YouTube, I suspect that Iíll be on stage for a total of 25 minutes maximum. I would like to cap it at a 20 minute estimate, but the field of competitors for menís bodybuilding at this show will be the largest of any amateur show I can find over the past 3 years.

    My daily prescriptions for macros have been the same for the past several weeks. The only change Iím willing to make is switching 25-50 grams of my daily protein to carbs, or adding the same amount to my daily total. Iíve been able to experiment with that on weekends, and along with keeping salt up, it seems to make a positive difference in appearance. That will keep my daily calories the same, or put me 100-200 calories over my daily allotment. The diet app still has me set for a deficit, so an extra 100-200 calories per day is, at worse, putting me at maintenance. Itís not enough to gain fat in a week.

    The other diet consideration this week is digestion. Without getting too into the weeds, I need to make sure Iím regular all week. A lot of ďdiet foodsĒ - things that have artificial sweeteners, fillers, fake fibers, etc - can cause bloating, and maybe other problems. So Iím reducing or eliminating some of those items by a good amount to make sure I donít run into any GI distress. It would be quite the irony to be in a natural bodybuilding show with a distended gut as has become common at the top of the enhanced side in recent years. 🤦🏾‍♂️

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    Default 48 From 48

    It’s after midnight on the east coast of the United States, which means it’s May 9, which means not only am I about 48 hours from showtime, but it’s also my 48th birthday. I don’t typically make a big fuss about my birthday, or do anything particularly celebratory for it beyond making sure I cash in all my loyalty treats at Starbucks and other establishments that reward you for staying alive another year. But it does have a bit more meaning this year because it’s basically attached to this show. I’m finishing the story of my journey to the bodybuilding stage, at the same time as I turn the page from the end of chapter 48 to the start of chapter 49 in this script called my life. So this birthday and this show are forever linked. I’ve been saying since the early planning stages that my birthday cake would have to be a rice cake with some peanut butter on it. That’s literally what I intend to have later today, and it should hold me over until Saturday evening when I get some real cake. I won’t be surprised if my wife or one of my children sticks a candle in the middle of the rice cake for me.

    It occurred to me after the fact that I rambled so much in this training log on my last entry, that I forgot to actually log any training. ����‍♂️ So let me catch that up.

    Daily Activity Average, May 1-8: 11,575 steps, 5.2 miles, 10 floors climbed

    The next two workouts weren’t laid out like the rotations I’ve been loosely following.

    Saturday 5/4/24, Lower, Planet Fitness

    Calf Press - done on seated/upright leg press
    100 lbs/15 reps
    150/15 x 2 sets

    Leg Press - 45 degrees, plate loaded
    90 lbs + sled/11 reps

    Seated Leg Curl
    70 lbs/10 reps
    115/1 - I thought this might be working weight, and immediately realized it was too light.

    Leg Extension
    100 lbs/6 reps

    Hyperextension - hip hinge only, no knee flexion at the top
    bodyweight/25 reps

    Adduction Machine
    100 lbs/30 reps

    Abduction Machine
    145 lbs/21 reps

    Sunday 5/5/24, Upper, Gold’s Gym

    ”Hydraulic” Seated Overhead Press Machine - I’ve used it one time before, and it might make the rotation after the show
    empty/15 reps
    40+ lbs/10 reps

    “Hydraulic” Seated Row Machine - also used once before; maxed out the stack that first time
    60 lbs/10 reps
    150/12 - used Versa Gripps; did not max out the stack this time ��

    Standing Lateral Raise Machine
    add set: 30 lbs/6 reps + 50/6 + 60/5 + 70/5 - all of the reps done with 70 were partials

    That was the end of me doing any sets to the point of momentary muscular failure until after the show.

    ”Super Abs” Machine - crunch from top and bottom simultaneously, pivots to different angles
    145 lbs/15 reps x 3 sets - 1 set middle, 1 set left, 1 set right

    Tuesday 5/7/24, Full Body, Planet Fitness
    - again, no sets to failure in this workout

    Cable Pulldown
    add set: 55 lbs/5 reps + 85/5 + 120/5 - wide handle, overhand
    120/5 - medium cambered handle, overhand
    160/12 same handle
    160/12 short straight handle, underhand

    Triceps Press Machine - anchored my feet under the seat and leaned forward to mimic a dip
    add set: 55 lbs/5 reps + 85/5 + 115/5 + 145/5 + 175/5 + 190/3
    190/12 x 2 sets

    Standing Dumbbell Lateral Raise - weights listed are per hand
    10 lbs/10 reps
    drop set: 20/6 + 17.5/6 + 15/5 + 12/5 + 8/10 + 8/8 (left arm only) - my right delt felt way more pumped, so I did extra on the left

    Seated/Upright Ab Crunch Machine - feet stay planted on the floor
    55 lbs/5 reps

    Leg Extension
    add set: 55 lbs/5 reps + 85/5 + 115/5

    Lying Leg Curl
    add set: 30 lbs/6 reps + 60/6 + 90/1 + 75/2 - trying to find working weight at the end

    I don’t expect to touch legs again until after the show. My game plan for training later today is Arnold press, biceps, triceps, abs. Short and sweet. I also need to practice posing some more. I also need to eliminate every strand of hair on my body that isn’t on my face, and exfoliate all of my skin afterwards in anticipation of getting my spray tan on Friday morning after my polygraph test and athlete check in. Stuff is getting real.

    I’m only working a half day today. My son’s final baseball game for his middle school team is this afternoon, but it might get rained out. That would be a bummer for him, but he still has rec league games through the summer. I’ll hit Starbucks for my free beverage between his game and the gym.

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    I've enjoyed following along with your journey. Happy birthday and good luck this weekend.

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    Default With a tear in my eye!

    Quote Originally Posted by DavidCC View Post
    I've enjoyed following along with your journey. Happy birthday and good luck this weekend.
    Thank you so much! This has been one of the most memorable weekends Iíve been blessed to experience.

    What a weekend. Iím still processing what happened over the last 3 days. Perhaps looking back over the timeline with you all will help me. But for those who want the TL/DR version: on Saturday, May 11, at The OCB Conquer, I competed in 3 divisions of the Menís Bodybuilding category. That was Debut, Masters 40+, and Open. I won the Debut and Masters divisions, and placed second in Open class A. Winning the Masters division earned me a pro card in OCB!

    However, this log is called ďThe Story of The Bodybuilding PowerlifterĒ. So for those who want the story of how it went down, please continue reading. 🙂

    Friday, May 10, 2024

    9:00 am - I took what I knew would be my final shower until after the show, because getting my spray tan wet would be bad news. The weather for the weekend was forecasted to have highs in the 60ís (Fahrenheit), so I was optimistic that I wouldnít sweat too much.

    10:20 am - I arrived at the host hotel for The OCB Conquer here in Baltimore for the athlete check in, which was also the site of the mandatory polygraph drug screening, as well as the promoterís optional spray tanning services. They really set it up to make us feel special as competitors and athletes. The lighting, balloons, banners - it was impressive. It was up there with competing at The Arnold and USAPL Raw Nationals. I checked in, and was given a cool bag full of swag, along with the buttons showing my athlete number. I would be Athlete #7 at the show, and the young lady who handed me the buttons said ďCool! I was wearing #7 when I won my pro card!Ē I smiled and said ďWell, letís see if we can keep it going.Ē

    Surprisingly, I was more nervous about the polygraph than I was the spray tan, even though Iíd never done either before Friday. But the polygraph was quick and painless, done in a well lit conference room with just myself and the interrogatorÖ I mean person administering the test. The spray tan was done in another room with several individual pop-up tents, fans, and plastic taped to the walls as if it was the locker room for a sports team who had just won a championship. A very pleasant woman named Jess, who happens to be married to the promoter of the next OCB show in Baltimore this fall, explained the process to me and asked if I had any questions. Then she had me strip until I was completely nude except for one sock, and no - I wasnít wearing it on either of my feet (use your imagination).

    Jess was right: having the tan applied was like a very cold shower, which sucked. When she was finished making me 3 or 4 shades darker than I normally am, she escorted me to another tent in the same room and angled a fan on the floor upwards towards me to help me dry. I was told to imagine myself as a rotisserie chicken, and turn myself at fairly regular intervals to try and dry evenly and quickly. At this point, I was so cold that I was worried about whether or not shrinkage would cause my sock to lose its grip. Another competitor in a tent next to me said what I was thinking: ďThis sock ainít as full as it was when I first put it on.Ē 😬. Once I was confirmed as being dry, I carefully got dressed in my oversized sweatpants and hoodie, then drove the 16 miles back to my house.

    The rest of the day was uneventful. Most of it was spent lounging with my wife who works from home, practicing posing, and eating little beyond rice cakes, white rice, cream of rice (notice a pattern?), 96% lean ground beef, egg whites, and applesauce. My goal was to avoid anything that might cause gas and/or bloating, while getting in enough carbs and fluid to keep muscles full. Bedtime was 11pm.

    Complete athlete check-in, collect swag ☑️
    Take and pass polygraph drug screening ☑️
    Get full-body spray tan ☑️
    If it ... | Instagram

    Saturday, May 11, 2024: SHOW DAY!

    6:00 am - I woke up weighing 167.8 lbs, the lightest I have been all prep. That brought my total weight lost as recorded by the diet app to 29.9 pounds since January 2. Cooked and ate cream of rice made in almond milk, egg whites, and coffee. All of my food, beverages, and other items that I planned to take to the show had already been prepared and packed. I gathered everything and hurried my wife, who was taking forever to get ready (when arenít they? 🤦🏾‍♂️)

    7:30 - We arrived at the venue, and got a parking space right by the main entrance. Some of the spray tan on my back and left side of my abdomen had become blotchy, so I quickly got to the tanning area where they were doing touch ups for the athletes who bought the official tanning services. Since bodybuilding was first on the docket, I was moved to the front of the line. Unfortunately, that line ended at setup with tents similar to yesterday, but also by an open bay door. The outside temperature was only in the 50ís, and Iím pretty sure that standing nude - aside from that lone sock - in all that outside, morning air that was being swirled by fans is the reason Iím sniffling and blowing my nose as I write this. But they got me looking the way I needed to look.

    8:15 - A few minutes prior, I had mixed a combo of L-citrulline and salt into 10 ounces of Powerade and gulped it down. The stage expeditor for the day held the athlete meeting backstage, in which he went over how the events would proceed, and laid out certain ground rules pertaining to sportsmanship and etiquette. I was using the band Iíd brought with me to pump up throughout his presentation, as were a few other guys. This show was separated into 3 sessions, with one each in the morning, afternoon, and evening. The menís session was in the morning, and the order of the show had menís bodybuilding going first. The debut category was leading off, which meant I would be in the first group to take the stage. I didnít have time to waste.

    8:35 - The Star Spangled Banner was playing. I suppose people were standing and being patriotic. I was standing behind the curtain with my eyes closed, visualizing myself going through poses. At the suggestion of my posing coach, I had ditched my glasses, so I wouldnít have been able to see what the crowd was doing anyway. But I heard them. They cheered us as the expeditor led us onto the stage, and the emcee announced our division as people who had never been on stage before. He introduced us only by our athlete numbers (in my case, ďCompetitor #7Ē). Game on!

    8:45(?) - At this point, I lost track of time because I wasnít wearing my watch. I think the debut group had been on stage for 5 minutes. My wife and posing coach came backstage and found me. Coach told me that I needed to eat some carbs immediately. I started scarfing down some of the dark chocolate, ďpeanut butterĒ made from PB Fit (Great Value version), and a caramel rice cake. My wife, who had been yelling instructions about poses from her seat, told me I did well but reminded me to ďkeep my legs turned onĒ in my next round. Out of the 3 categories I entered, the one coming up next - masters 40+ - was the round I cared about the most. I kept moving to stay warm, and to keep my blood flowing and veins popping while the next 4 or 5 categories were on stage. When Masters 50+ was on stage, they called for 40+ to line up. Just before he led us onto the stage, the expeditor reminded us that because of the size of the field, that the Masters 40+ at this show was a pro qualifier, so we needed to bring it. Game on!

    9:15 - Again, Iím guessing on the time. By this point, I had completed all 3 rounds that I had entered: Debut, Masters 40+, and Open. Since the Open category had so many people, we were split into 2 classes by height: A and B. I was in Class A. Both the Masters and Open were pro qualifiers, but because the Open had 2 classes, you had to win your class, then face the other class winner in a head to head comparison for the overall title and open pro card. My posing coach told me not to let myself get too cold, because she thought I had a shot at winning my open class and might need to face the class B winner. But in the meanwhile, I put my sweats on and relaxed next to my wife and a friend of mine who attended to support me and watched the classic physique and menís physique categories until it was time for awards, and potentially, an overall battle.

    Sometime before 11am - I was down to my posing trunks once again, behind the curtain as award presentations began. They presented in the same order that we competed. So once again, I was up first because they led off with debut bodybuilding. But while my category was first, I was last because I won debut! For awards, they announce your number and name. Fortunately, the emcee had been going around backstage and meeting people to confirm the pronunciation of uncommon names. So he got my name right. And a few minutes later, he got it right again when he announced the results for Masters 40+. The athletes who placed 2nd through 5th were on stage and had been presented their trophies. I hope I never forget how it sounded when he said ďAND COMING IN FIRST PLACE, WINNING HIS OCB PRO CARD, ATHLETE NUMBER 7, KAISHEEM MUHAMMAD!Ē

    My posing coach had changed into a dress with heels to be part of the stage crew presenting awards. It was so fitting that she was the one who presented the trophy to me. The emcee told me to stay on stage as the other competitors left. The promoter of the show came out to congratulate me and take a photo, while the emcee reminded them that this was my very first time on a bodybuilding stage. The crowd was going crazy. My wife was screaming and losing her mind. Then the promoter walked off and the emcee prompted me to hit another pose or two as smoke shot out of the lights and signage at the back of the stage.

    After he won the WWE Championship in the 1992 Royal Rumble, Ric Flair was interviewed backstage by the legendary Mean Gene Okerlund. While clutching the title belt, Flair declared ďIím going to tell you all: with a tear in my eye, this is the greatest moment in my life!Ē For more than 30 years, I wondered what he must have felt like. On Saturday, I finally found out.

    About 5 months ago, and after 15 years of competing in the sport of powerlifting, I decided to finally write a story that I’ve been put... | Instagram

    I ended up placing second in Open Class A. I think it was close between me and the guy who won, but I wasnít disappointed. At that point, I was playing with house money. Yes, it would have been nice to sweep the bodybuilding category by winning the overall, a bigger trophy, and an Open Pro Card. But I have no negative feelings about the outcome. I won two divisions and a pro card. As I learned in powerlifting, two out of three ainít bad.

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    OUTSTANDING Kaisheem!!!!!!!

    What a fantastic result after these many months of extremely hard work.

    You'll need to do a follow-up post of everything you eat this week.

    I'm looking forward to where you take this.

    Keep at it!

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    starting strength coach development program
    Very well done! Maybe NOW Planet Fitness will come through with that endorsement.

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