When I submitted my urinalysis sample after The Conquer, I was told that I would receive an email within 3-4 weeks containing my test results, as well as instructions for how to claim my pro card. As you might imagine, I have been anxiously checking my inbox and junk mail folders multiple times per day for the past 2 weeks. I emailed the promoter last week, as well as the main OCB office/account last night. So far, still no email. But once I saw this post on Instagram a few hours ago, that tells me that OCB must have received confirmation of my natty status from the lab. I take that to mean that Iím officially an OCB pro now, but I still donít know how to acquire my literal pro card. Hopefully that comes within the next day or so. Iím still taking this post to mean that Iím cleared to enter the pro show in October.

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Now to catch upÖ

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My schedule this week might be a bit wonky. On one hand, my wife and daughters are gone for the weekend. Our youngest is with younger cousins at my mother-in-lawís. My wife and oldest are with older cousins and my sister-in-law at the beach. It seems like that should free up some time. However, my son and I have the house to ourselves, and we never get to hang out with no girls around. Not to mention that I still have work through Saturday, and he has baseball games each of the next 4 days. But he also started his own strength training program yesterday. So weíll see what the end of the week brings.
SoÖ the end of the week was rather pleasant in Baltimore. Not so much for my wife and daughter on their beach trip. Their relationships with their counterparts may have been irreparably damaged. Juneteenth has never been a thing in this part of the country for my entire life until it became a convenient political overture, but if anyone I know is having a cookout next week, letís just say we wonít be attending if they are, or vice versa. However, my son and I had a wonderful bonding time, even though I worked every day through Saturday. We watched Japanese pro wrestling, American pro wrestling, talked over pancakes, and he also had his first trip to Goldís Gym. Needless to say, he was mesmerized by the place. Being a 14 year old boy, of course he had to take the opportunity to use a legit bench and barbell for the first time (as opposed to the smith machines at Planet Fitness). Iím not mad at him. He topped out at 100 lbs for a set of 5, followed by a set of 3 or 4. I donít know which of us was more excited. But beyond the weights, I think he liked the boxing/MMA area the most. Between the heavy bag and speed bag, he occupied himself long enough for me to do 2 or 3 different exercises on nearby machines. Good times either way.

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As for myself, I have trained twice since my last post: Saturday and today (Wednesday). Three days rest isnít the end of the world.

SATURDAY 6/8/24 - Upper #1, Goldís Gym

Low Incline Dumbbell Bench Press - I did 2 warmups on flat barbell bench with my son: empty bar and 95 lbs
50ís/6 reps
work set(s?): 70ís/10 hands neutral, 6 hands pronated

I ended up taking about 60 seconds between those 10 and 6 reps. Thatís twice as long as my normal rest-pause break, and probably 1-2 minutes less than my rest between two straight sets. So I donít know if I should count it as a rest-pause or as two sets. But the reps got done.

T-Bar Row
45 lbs/12 reps (6 wide overhand + 6 narrow neutral)
90/12 (6 + 6 again)
work set 1: 135/15 wide overhand
work set 2: 135/12 narrow neutral
- wore Versa Gripps for the work sets

Standing Lateral Raise Machine
50 lbs/10 reps
rest-pause work set: 70/11 + 6 + 5 - I definitely didnít get a full ROM on the last rep of the 2nd and 3rd rounds

Seated Pullover Machine - updated version of the old school Nautilus
95 lbs/11 reps
rest-pause work set: 155/10 + 5

Seated Upright ďSuper AbsĒ Machine
165/20 middle + 125/20 left + 125/20 right

WEDNESDAY 6/12/24 - Lower #2, Planet Fitness

Smith Machine Squat - Iíve been having a sharp pain in the front of my left knee all day, so I did these low bar instead of high bar
bar/10 reps
90 lbs + bar/8
work set 1: 270+/7 - put the belt on here; felt harder than it looked, so I resolved to get the same reps on the next set
work set 2: 270+/7 - if set 1 was 2 RIR, this was 1 RIR

Walking Lunge
bodyweight/10 each leg
work set: 50/15 each

I donít know what possessed me to do these. But I might keep them as part of this day for a while. I used one of the fixed weight barbells on the work set.

Seated Leg Curl
55 lbs/13 reps
rest-pause-drop work set: 160/12 + 7 + 130/9 - The last rep of each round was a partial. I pushed each round until I proved that I couldnít do any more full ROM reps.

Adduction Machine
75 lbs/12 reps
rest-pause work set: 130/15 + 8 + 8

Abduction Machine
75 lbs/15 reps
rest-pause work set: 145/20 + 13 + 15 thought I was done after 13 on that last round, but pushed to find out I had 2 more

Leg Extension
100 lbs/12 reps
rest-pause work set: 175/15 + 9 + 6 - The last rep of each round was a partial. I pushed each round until I proved that I couldnít do any more full ROM reps.

Calf Press - did these on the seated upright leg press machine
100 lbs/12 reps
work set 1: 175/20 - 2 second pause in the stretch at the bottom of each rep
work set 1: 175/20 - 1 second pause in the stretch at the bottom of each rep

Hyperextension - hip hinge only, no knee extension
bodyweight/10 reps
drop work set: 35/6 + 25/6 + 10/6 - There was a 25 lbs and a 10 lbs plate at the base of the hyper apparatus, so I used them.

I pushed hard in this one. I didnít think I had a good session in my last lower body workout, so I suppose I wanted to make up some lost time. You canít really do that with strength training (at least I donít think so). But Iím glad I was able to get this in. Upper body is up next on Friday or Saturday night.