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Thread: Joined a new gym last night. Hilarious

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    But Lee Marvin is Emperor of the North.

    So there.

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    Total shitshow today. The local Rec Center is closed for deep cleaning so my gym got all of their overflow, which did include some good looking women, but total bro down. A bro with excessive cologne came over while I was OH Pressing and asked if this was the only squat rack. I replied it was the only "good" one but pointed out the obvious and empty power rack next to me as well as the crappy one in another room. He asked how much weight I was using and if he could work in. I replied that I had 165# and sure. He then Proceeds to offend my sensibilities with the worst squat I've seen in quite awhile. I do a set of presses and he's suddenly nowhere to be found.


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