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Thread: How do you guys grind your hamburger meat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeylikey View Post
    I've seen several references to custom meat formulas, so I assume you guys are buying hunks and grinding yourself?

    What do you use? Stand mixer grinder attachment? Food processor? Standalone? The Mother Bird method?

    How coarse / fine do you go?

    Details, people.
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    I use a grinder attachment on my mixer (Ankarsrum). It's heavy duty when compared with other mixer attachment options. Like the previous posters I tend to grind up 20# or more at a time and make a bunch of sausages. I'll put ~2# (cooked) in a vacuum bag and freeze it. To thaw, I put the bag in near-boiling water to reheat it without loosing moisture.

    If I didn't have a good mixer then I would go with one of the pro-sumer (LEM) or entry commercial (ProCut, Thunderbird, etc.) grinders.

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