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General board / software operation: vBulletin FAQ

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Forum Basics

A. Moderated Forums - Posts made to moderated forums are delayed and appear when they are answered by coaches or approved by moderators. This is so that they remain reasonably on topic and are not overwhelmed by unentertaining nonsense, vitriol, trolling, or spammers.

B. Unmoderated Forums - Posts made to these forums show up right after posting. Please note that anyone can answer and that the quality of the answer may be lacking. In the past, we've discovered that well-established, prolific posters who seemed credible were lifters and/or
coaches only on the internet. So buyer beware.

Subscriptions - If you want to be notified of new threads and/or new replies, subscribe to the forum and/or to the thread of interest.
1. Subscribe to Forum - Select "Forum Tools" then "Subscribe to Forum" on the dropdown menu after opening up the forum of interest.
2. Subscribe to Thread - Select "Thread Tools" then "Subscribe to This Thread" on the dropdown menu while you are in the thread of interest.
In either case, a subscription setting screen opens next. Set your notification options to your choice (through panel, by instant email, by daily email, by weekly email). You can update settings or unsubscribe at any time.

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