Verified Users

Verified users include Starting Strength Coaches and all members who have elected to become verified.

Verified users use their real names on the forums.
Verification is made through real life interaction (ie you train with SSC Brent Carter, Brent verifies), correspondence with store purchase (name and email in the The Aasgaard Company store matching forum credentials), or photo of you taken with a valid photo id (ie you send a picture of your face next to your ID).

Account upgrades:
  • Verified users get questions answered by Starting Strength Coaches for form checks, programming, and nutrition advice
  • Edit and delete own posts in open forums
  • Delete and close own threads in open forums
  • Profile/Images: avatars, increased profile image space and album space, signature use

How to Become Verified:

If you want to use the forum as a verified user, send the request through the "contact us" option or by email to Please include your current username, your real name, and the verification method so that the name change and verified user upgrade can be completed together.

How do Verified Users show up on the Forum?
The username has first and last names. The title under the username is set to something other than "Member." For general forum users, it shows a checkmark in front of "Member" as the default indicator. Starting Strength Coaches, Starting Strength Gym owners, and verified users who request it may have alternate title lines.