Account Security

Passwords: Please don't use a stupid password or ones used on other sites.

Lockout: A built-in security feature is the 5 attempt account lockout. If you try to log in repeatedly and keep failing you will be locked out for 15 minutes. It is a rolling lockout so you must stop attempts for the full period. If you try again before the end of the period, you will trigger an additional lockout period.

Two-factor authentication: You have the option of using two-factor authentication to add security to your account. The method uses Google Authenticator to get it done, so start by making sure this app is installed on your device. Authy is a recommended alternative and allows portability, an important thing if you change phones.

To add two-factor authorization to your account:

  1. Login
  2. Go to your User Control Panel
  3. Find "Two-factor Authorization" under Settings
  4. Select this option and follow the instructions there.

Note: Disabling this option can be done at any time, but requires your device or backup code. MAKE SURE TO SAVE THE BACKUP CODE. Make sure you create your backup methods with Google so that you won't get locked out if you lose your device or when you change phones. If you lose your access, it can be reset on the backend, but this will require identity verification.