Hi everyone, long time lurker, first time poster.

I was hoping someone could shoot me some advice on my training program. Iím looking to use something like a novice SS program, somewhat tweaked and had a question regarding volume and weight increases for alternating exercises.

Iíve been lifting for quite a few years, but neglecting the big lifts until the last few years or so. Even though I havenít been super consistent with them, I feel I have good form, and know what my 5rm are in the big ones. I was doing CFFB for a while, but got somewhat sloppy and wasn't as consistent as I'd like. Though the weights aren't as much as I'd like, I feel as though I'm past the beginner stage and would benefit more from an advanced beginner/novice intermediate program.

With that said, hereís what Iím thinking:

Workout A
- 3x5 Squats +10 each workout
- 3x5 Press + 5 each workout
- 3xFail Chin/pullup/inverted rows (alternating)
Workout B
- 3x5 Front Squats +5 each workout
- 3x5 Bench +5 each workout
- 1x5 Deadlift / 5x3 Powerclean (alternating) +??

I will lift M/W/F and alternate A and B each time training.

I figured out the weight increases and for the Squat, F. Squat, Press, Bench I will be increasing weight 6 times every 4 weeks. I scaled my starting weight so I would hit my previous 5rm around week 5-6. This works great with the 4 exercises listed above, but Iím confused about the Deads/PowerClean.

Whatís the protocol for adding weight in alternating workouts? Since Iíll only be adding weight to the Dead/P.Clean 3 times every 4 weeks, I either need to make larger jumps, or add the volume somewhere else.

Since Iím starting out quite a bit below my 5rm on those two, would it make sense to do them both on the same day until I stall, and then separate them? I donít want to add unnecessary volume, since I canít recover as fast a actual beginner. Iím pretty new to the SS protocol, and was unable to find a solid answer to this question.

Any other ideas?