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    I'd really like Press and I'm 6Kg. far from pressing my bw (77kg.) that is my goal now.
    I've read the beautiful (as usual) article of Bill Starr about the Press and since right now it seems that my Press is going nowhere I'd like to incorporate some of the advices/exercises he listed in my Texas template as follows:

    Day 1 Volume
    squat 5x5
    press 3x5 warm up + 3x3 (achieve 6x3 and starting over) + 1backoff set of 10-12
    Chins 5x5
    + triceps somehow 4x10-20

    Day 2 recovery

    squat 2x5 80%
    Incline press 2x5
    Db Row 4x10-15
    Curl somehow 4x10-20

    Day 3 Intensity
    Squat 1x5/3/max
    Pin Pull 10x3/2/1 (alternating from week to week)
    Pull ups 3xF
    Dips 4x max

    I’m going to press hard once per week and, as in the article, as soon as I plateau I will add the press start after my press work on day 1 and maybe Push press on day 3 while at the same time working hard on my dips (the intention here is starting light with some weeks of 4x10-20 and then adding the 3 week plan).

    Hoping to have been clear, what do you think?

    If my idea is bullshit, sorry from asking… I will certainly stick to a more classic Texas template with emphasis on the Press (twice a week on day 1 and 3) but I wanted to ask since I truly wanted to try the press start and the push press because this exercise is so hard to improve (I managed adding 5Kg. on my DL 1Rm within 3 months from 200 to 205 but only 1.5 kg. on my Press in the same period of time).
    Thanks a lot.
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