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    y0 y0 c0ach

    regarding texas method deload phase,

    i've been running with texas for a while,after 7-8 weeks, when i felt like stalling with 5x5, i cut a set. then after a few weeks i moved to 7x3.
    i don't think i'm gonna hit a plateu any time soon (at least on the squats), but i need a little break both physically and mentally.

    how would you recommend me planning a deload phase?


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    If and when you get stuck, just take a light week. But don't plan it until it happens, and when it does, just take a light week. You know, back off quite a bit for the week.

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    thanks for your reply.

    started a light week on sunday, i was running for 16-17 weeks with no plateu or any other problems.

    anyway, my previous volume workout looked like that:
    (7 sets, 3 reps)
    squats 315x7x3
    bench 192.5x7x3
    chins 3x8+30lbs

    any thoughts on the next volume workouts?
    go back with 5x5? lower the weight or keep it the same (if i choose 5x5), or stick with 3s?

    obviously 5x5 with 315 and 7x3 with 315 are different, i really don't mind, just wonder what would be a better choice.

    thanks c0ach.

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    When I ran it, I changed the heavy day to 5 singles rather than one set of 5 and switched the volume day to 3x10 (with a lower %1RM) for a deloading week, always worked well for my CNS fatigue.


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