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Thread: Vacation, and work induced break

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    Default Vacation, and work induced break

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    The last two weeks, I have worked untold hours (numerous double shifts) and this has greaty affected my workout schedule.

    Background, 44YO, 6'4" 250lbs, I've been on SS since late May. Squat 265x5x3 (took one large reset to work on pitiful depth) DL 295x5x1, PC 110x5x3 (only been doing these about a month) BP 180x5x3 and Press 107.5x5x3, really been struggling with the pressing movements, and have started micro-loading (I have arthritis in left elbow, and some sort of a right shoulder issue, that rears its' ugly head when doing the pressing movements)

    I've only made it to the gym once in the last 10 days (pretty good day though, made PRs in Squat, DL and BP, see above numbers) I'm going to get to the gym today, unless I'm forced to work another double (at work right now) and I should make it to the gym one more time before I start a well deserved vacation. My question is, should I start back where I left off, or take a slight deload?

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    In PPST Rip says just to repeat the last workout if you spend a week without going to the gym.


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