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    After years of somewhat disorganised training, I have now put together a 4 day split programme based on training principles I have picked up from Rippetoes books. However, I wonder if I have made any logical errors? I would appriciate any qualified inputs.

    monday: tuesday:
    bench press 5*5 squats 5*5
    press 10*3de barbell rows 5*5
    chins 3*f leg raises 3*f

    thursday: friday:
    press 5*5 Squats 10*2de
    benchpress 10*3de deadlift 1*5
    pullups 3*f dips, wheighted 3*f


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    Smile regarding my programming

    Sorry for the layout.. As for my question. I would appriciate any qualified comments as to the combination of exercises or any logical mistakes from my side. Thank you!

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    Seems like a whole lot of upper body pressing volume. Though I admit Ive only skimmed the section of PP that dead with this type of split-programming.

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    Start with something like this:

    day1: squat 5x5, light pull (like powercleans)
    day2: bench 5x5, weighted chins
    day3: off
    day4: squat light or DE, deadlifts 1x5
    day5: press 5x5, pullups
    day 6 and 7 off

    After a few weeks or month, you'll have a handle on how hard 5x5 can be, and since you're split the workout up, how hard you can push it. Then you can add things like rows, dips, ab work, yada yada. You could also make every 3 or 4th light squat workout a PR attempt.
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    Default more info

    Thanks for input but I should like to add some extra input.

    Even though my training has been somewhat disorganised/inconsistent I am used to train a lot. Wheighttraining has been combined with kickboxing. Now, however, I want to change my training and put emphasis on strengthtraining. That was the background for my question. logic errors in programme etc? I am not so worried that the programme is to extensive...

    2nd question: If I want to incorporate some martial arts training a couple of times a week. How should I do it. All of the training should take place within the 5 working days. Now I am more afraid of overtraining...!

    in beforehand, thank you.

    PS I am not doing/learnt myself any power cleans so they are not part of my trainig.


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