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    I'm 5'4", ~120 lbs, female, in early twenties.

    I started TM a couple weeks ago using the template for women in PPST3. This week my volume day squat was 190lbs (90% of Friday's intended 210 3RM PR) for 6x3 but I was only able to complete 5 sets, not 6, and it was *very* difficult (and this is at the low end of the 90-95% range for VD in the book). It's mentioned in the book that a set can be dropped on volume day, but the sample progression for women also shows an increase of 2.5 lbs each week on the squat VD and ID rather than 5 lbs, which is what I've been doing. I have 1/2-lb microplates so I can increase in 1 lb increments.

    My question is: should I drop a set on volume day and only do 5 sets of 3 (seems low volume to me) or change my progress to, say, 3 lbs per week instead of 5? Also, should I still attempt Friday's intended 3RM PR this week? With no coach, experience, or even any experienced friends, I'm nervous about tweaking the TM for myself. Thanks for any help.

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    5x3 is plenty of volume. Is your Intensity day increasing? Remember, the whole goal of the TM is go generate progress on the low volume / high intensity work that occurs on Friday. The volume day is just a "calibration knob" that either turns the heat up or down to generate optimal results on Friday.

    If you experience regression on Friday, then you volume might be too high or your numbers are all just off. If you just get stuck then you might need to dial up the volume a bit on Monday.

    Tweak all you need. That's how you learn. In your 20s you still have time for mistakes


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