Female lifter on LP stalling on deadlift Female lifter on LP stalling on deadlift

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Thread: Female lifter on LP stalling on deadlift

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    Default Female lifter on LP stalling on deadlift

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    Hello Andy,

    I am a 24 year old female lifter with a few months into my linear progression. My current numbers are:

    Squat: 165 lbs (3x5)
    Deadlift: 165 lbs (1x5)
    Press: 55 lbs (5x3)
    Bench: 77 lbs (5x3)
    Power Clean: 82 lbs (5x3)
    Current bodyweight: 145 lbs

    I have been doing deadlifts as described in the book, 1x5 every second workout with 5 lbs increases since I cannot do 10 lbs increases anymore. Now I have been missing reps and having to reset even with 5 lbs increases.

    I have read this article:
    Training Female Lifters: Neuromuscular Efficiency | Mark Rippetoe
    where Rip writes: “Women need the heavy volume as well as the high intensity of multiple heavy triples”

    How should I modify my programming so I can include heavy triples and make progress in my deadlift?

    Thank you very much in advance,

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    So at least for the next few weeks, instead of doing 1x5 do 2-3 x 3. So if you stalled at 165x5, try going to 170x3x2. And so on and so forth until the triples stall, then you might circle back to 170 and try and hit it for 1x5 again and work your way back up.


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