1. Get Verified. Verified users will be first in line, so give some consideration to that before you post. (see Forum Information re verified users)
  2. Stay short and concise. There is a difference between a board post question and a professional consultation. Posts that are too long or detailed, or that require an inordinate amount of time to answer will released for general input.
  3. Stay respectful and on-topic. Trolls will be wasting their time, as trolls should.
  4. Read the board before you post. It is your responsibility to ensure that your question is not repetitive. You are not paying these guys, and they are not obligated to indulge questions that have been answered 40 times already, that make absolutely no sense, or that are so poorly typed or phrased that they require deciphering and lower the quality of the forum.
  5. Direct all technique or form check questions to the Technique Forum.