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    I've read in several places (including SS 3rd edition) that "if you don't have time to warm up, you don't have time to train" or similar. Got it. How important is stretching/cool down then?


    Stats: 41yo, 5'10", 280lbs, current work weights on SS LP: Squat 265, Press 145, Deadlift 385, Bench: 195. I haven't yet transitioned to Power Cleans every other workout yet. Still doing +5lbs all lifts each workout on the straight Novice program. Thanks.

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    In the absence of a ROM deficit stretching is not terribly productive.

    Cool downs might be needed for the much older populations or those with poor circulation. One of the primary functions of a cool down is to prevent blood pooling in the lower extremities. This is not generally a problem for those with normal cardio vascular function.


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