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    Hello Mr. Wolf! Thank you for all you do here, your time and attention to everyone is invaluable and greatly appreciated.

    I had a question about the optimal way to peak for 1RM testing. I'm not competitive, but I do like to test my lifts once every spring. I'm a firefighter paramedic in San Antonio and work 24 on / 72 off. I usually train on my 2nd and 3rd day off, as we're extremely busy during my shift day with usually very little sleep (usually 2 hours or so), and then I have to sleep & recover my 1st day off. I'm currently running a 4 day lower/upper split as follows:

    Day 1 - Intensity squat (currently @ 335x5 RPE 9), volume deadlift (3x5 @ 80% of day 3)
    Day 2 - Intensity bench (currently @ 240x5 RPE 9), weighted chins 5x5
    Day 3 - Intensity deadlift (currently @ 385x5 RPE 8), volume squat (5x5 @ 80-85% of day 1)
    Day 4 - Intensity press (currently @ 165x5 RPE 8.5), volume paused bench (4x5 @ 85% day 2)

    I'm not doing volume pressing because my press is way stronger relative to my other lifts, and I'd like to get my bench up. I'm going on vacation from 3/12 - 3/16, which should be about when my current 10-12 week cycle has run its course, and would like to know how to best plan around that for 1RM testing. I will not be able to train during this trip. Should I forecast my programming to test before I leave, or use the five days as a break and test when I get back after I've had a chance to let the fatigue dissipate? Should I do another week or two of normal programming when I get back to stave off any detraining effects, or will the break be short enough for that to not happen?

    I'm a 34 year old male, 6'2 @ 205 lbs eating about 3200 cal / day (200-230g of it being protein). Last time I tested in March 2018, lifts were 375 squat, 435 deadlift, 275 bench, and 205 press. YouTube

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    1. Not pressing is a mistake, based on thinking that a) your press is stronger relative to your other lifts and b) that it would be a detriment if it was. It's not, and it's not. So you should do press volume work too. Hell, even if you insist on this incorrect thinking, you should still do something in that press slot, like 3x5 close grip bench or something. Geez. Such weird ideas you people have.

    2. Do the meet beforehand, and then enjoy your vacation.
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