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    Sex : Male
    Age : 33
    Height : 167cm
    Weight : 100kg

    My LP has been running well my last work sets are

    Squat - 130kg (2.5kg increments)
    Bench - 87kg (1kg increments)
    Press - 57kg (1kg increments)
    Deadlift - 115kg (2.5kg increments)
    Power Clean - 55kg (2.5kg increments)

    I have only stalled on deadlifts and that was due to grip issues related to golfers elbow. I have since deloaded and started using straps (not planning to compete at a powerlifting meet). Still working deadlifts twice per week and running Rips chin protocol for elbow issues twice per week strait after.

    My other lifts have been going great and haven't had a single stall on those lifts yet. I feel this is coming very soon though, I am really grinding out reps.

    During the LP I haven't dropped any weight but have lost a few inches off my belt.

    In 4 weeks I am getting a minor surgery. Unfortunately I won't be able to lift heavy for approx 4-6 weeks. I plan on running my LP right up to the day and suspect that I will stall on most of my lifts before then.

    Additionally I clearly need to start doing some conditioning - lets be honest even with the reduction in belt size I am still a short (but stronger) fatty

    I wanted to get some feedback on my current plan to approach this layoff and deal with the conditioning requirement.

    - Use the layoff and start to diet down to lose some kgs
    - If I have started stalling on my lifts prior to the layoff, I was thinking to implement Andys method when I can return to lifting and run this till I hit my target weight (85kg not after razor abz)
    - Run LP again till I stall again
    - Implement the texas method

    Hopefully this is the right spot to post this. Thanks in advance.

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    I suspect the reason your post has been hanging here for a week with 270 views but 0 replies is that it's just too damn long. Sad fact is, on a free forum where people don't know if the new guy is worth interacting with, no one wants to read a wall of text, formulate a coherent and well thought out reply, and take the time to type it all out, without any idea if the person they're doing that for is serious about training and learning from the people here. Sad, but totally understandable.

    Shorten this to the essentials and your actual Q, and you'll get some replies. Rough estimate is you'll need to cut the length by at least 50%.
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