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    Stats: 27, 6'0, 217lbs

    I'm on the 2nd week of TM and I wasn't able to hit the intensity press (1.0) set. I finished LP at 80kgx3x5. I only hit 82x4 today. For the volume day I did 75 5x5. Are 2kg increases too much? Should I be doing 1kg?

    Also I have an interest in olympic lifting and have been front squatting on the light day. Next week is 160kg 3x3. I high bar squat instead of lowbar as my goal is to improve my mobility as well as strength, so I figure the FS is kinda like a light highbar BS anyway. I've had no problem hitting the intensity day squat at 194kgx5, but the front squats do aggrevate my patellar tendonitis. Is this sustainable for awhile?


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    80 kg x3x5 = 80 x 3 reps x 5 sets, or "80 for 3 sets of 5?" To me it means the former, and that is also the way its written in our books, in which case it's not surprising that you might not get a set of 5 if you had only been doing 80 for triples and then added 2 more kg on top and tried to do 5. I'd switch to 1kg jumps, yes, and just have intensity day be two PR triples with .5-1kg jumps, or one top triple that's a PR and two back-offs (or a lead-up and a back off) at 5-8% reduction.

    If you meant 3 sets of 5, then still switch to 1kg jumps but you can just drop the intensity day to the same format as I wrote above. As just discussed in another thread, I do like the intensity day switch to triples early on or even right away, for various reasons.

    Regarding your squats, you're almost answering your own Q. 2 high bar and 1 front squat days per week are aggravating your tendinitis. Know what probably wouldn't? 2 low bar and 1 front squat days.
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    I meant 3 sets of 5. I had been doing 80 for 5s my last day of SS. I'll try do the 2 sets of 3 -- I was just under the impression I should get a month or two of 5s first.

    Yeah you're totally right about the tendonitis. It goes away if I just do lowbar as I've done in the past, and I can obviously do more weight too. But it's been my experience that I become inflexible as fuck just training lowbar and a single day of front squats is not enough to maintain/increase my dorsiflexion. My mobility has improved slowly over years... But it's been a struggle and I'm hesitant to change what I've found has at least helped me a bit. I mean, the first time I tried a lowbar squat I was 16 and needed lifting shoes as well as a wooden block under my feet just to get to parallel. I'm kinda happy that I've gotten to the point where a deep highbar squat is even possible.

    I have 1 more question -- my bench seems okay right now with the biweekly 2kg jumps. Should I keep going with that as is for another month or two and then drop to triples? My bench kinda sucks. Last intensity day was 112x5 (finished SS 110, 3 sets of 5).


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