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    Not sure if this is the right place to post this or not but, im about a week in on LP and im starting to wonder if i should be doing some hit cardio on none lifting days or even after lifting? Any advice would be appreciated

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    Do some forum searching and you'll see this has been discussed many times before. The main driver of fat/weight loss is your food intake. If you're quite overweight, you can and will lose a bunch of bodyfat just doing the program and eating intelligently, especially if you've been sedentary till now. Each case varies because it depends how much weight you have to lose and what you were both eating and doing exercise-wise beforehand.

    Since you're new here, read the sticky before posting again and then search the forum for any of the dozens (hundreds?) of times this has been discussed here before. If you still have Qs or need clarifications after that, come back and let's talk.
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    I'm a little chunky myself and sets of five for squats and deadlifts seems like cardio to me. You can add the prowler after your NLP ends. Hope it's going well for you!


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