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    It seems to be the conventional wisdom around here that a Bench:Press ratio to drive progress is on the order of 1.5. Due to shoulder issues, I CGBP instead. What do you folks think is a reasonable ratio to drive progress on the press? Something like 1.4, maybe?


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    I don't think that's conventional wisdom around here, we generally eschew ratios of that nature as anything but initial possible yellow flags to look into, not as inherently important to progress.

    I've found that among people who train both the bench and the press (so, i.e. not most powerlifters), about 75% of people will be in the high 50s to mid 60s percent of press to bench, and 90%+ will be in the mid 50s to low 70s. So if someone is outside that range, I'll look for a reason. It doesn't necessarily mean something has to be wrong, there are always outliers by definition, but that I should look into it and check. I don't think there's any way to define a perfect ratio that you "should" be at, based on muscular balance or some such unknown concept.

    If you train both correctly, everything generally works out based on your anatomy. Most of the time it's just a technique or programming issue to be resolved, occasionally some kind of injury that limits one more than the other.

    So in short, if you're outside 55-70% of press to bench (maybe 60-75% if you're talking CGBP), then look at technique, programming, and injury. Not much more than that is very useful.
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    Excellent info; thank you!


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