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    I read the article "Heavy-Light-Medium, A principle with varying potential methodologies". This program set up is something I think would keep me progressing so I started to lay it out. My question comes as all the examples that have been laid out only focus on one lift. For example the article focuses on the squat. It lays it all out but only focus on the squat. My question is do you do heavy day on Monday meaning every lift is your heavy day or do you rotate them? I read some templates rotate the lifts to keep you not so stressed. For example monday you do a heavy squat, Light bench and a medium DL. Wed you would do a light squat, Heavy DL and a medium ohp.

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    I think you’ll find stress better managed when you stagger things.

    Mon - Heavy Squat, Med Bench, Med DL
    Weds-Light Bench, Press, Light Deads
    Fri - Med Squat, Heavy Bench, Heavy DL

    Other options too but you get the idea


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