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    I'm reading SS3 and The Barbell Prescription, and I'm planning to start NLP September 1st. I'd like to get some input on my 6 month plan, thanks! Here's my background:
    * 49 yo male, 5'9" 160 lbs (down from a fat-ish 195lbs over the last year)
    * Moderately active, mostly body weight stuff recently, avid skier and whitewater kayaker
    * Have done the LP once before several years ago, but I didn't stick with it
    * I'd like to plan the fall/winter around strength training, some conditioning, kayaking, and skiing. I'm not training for skiing, but I'd like to train in a way where skiing and training can coexist.

    The plan:
    1. Sept-Nov: Do the masters novice plan (no cleans) Mon-Wed-Fri. Use high bar squats (elbow issues made low bar miserable last time). Start with no additional conditioning, add HIIT 1-2 days a week after a few weeks. Kayak once per week.
    2. Dec-Feb: Continue with the novice plan Tue-Thu, as long as LP continues. Move to an intermediate plan if necessary. Base additional conditioning work on how I feel and how many days I'm skiing.

    A couple questions:
    * Given the high bar squats (less posterior emphasis), should I try to stick with deadlifting every session for longer than I would otherwise?
    * In ski season, I'll ski 1-2 days pretty much every week. The 2 day novice program in The Barbell Prescription calls for three days of HIIT. Should I just look for 3 days total between skiing and HIIT, so I don't overdo it?

    Thanks again for any input!

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    You should try to deadlift every session regardless. I have an article on this coming up soon. Deadlift every session until it slows down.

    I would probably do 1 HIIT session and count your two skiing sessions against your conditioning. Did you know that the highest VO2max achieved was with cross country skiing?

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    Thanks Robert, I appreciate the input, and I'll keep an eye out for the deadlift article.


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