Any Coach please,

H: 5'4
W: 173~175
Lifts: in lbs
S - 260 ID
DL - 280 ID
BP - still 3x5 with 2 backoff sets 176
OHP - same as BP but at 110
PC - 140

I posted not too long ago about starting intermediate programming on HLM, but decided to give TM a try and if no go, then would switch. so far I am on my 3rd week of TM and noticed the following.

1. My VD for squats feels horrible at 90% of previous Friday. Mostly the last two sets. I actually had to deload on the last set this week.

2. After that horrible squat, I was not able to Power Clean properly. It basically messed my pulling.

3. My presses are doing just fine still performing back-off sets from LP, have not switched to 5x5 yet.

4. I performed the 1x5 on my DL for ID, but had two take my breath for last two reps. Not sure exactly how long it was, but felt like approx 10 seconds each.

So my question is as follows, wondering if the following is appropiate, and see if it works out.

Squat - 1x5 at 90% of previous Friday + 4x5 at 85% of previous Friday
Presses - continue LP with backoff set
PC - attempt my + 5lb, given the backoff on the squat.

Squat - Regular recovery at 80% of Monday's volume.
Presses - continue LP with backoff set
PC - 90% of Monday (I tried snatches, i cant get to do it correctly).

Squat - +5lb new intensity
Presses - 1 Herculean no backoff sets
DL - 1x4 + 1 x 2 at 90% backoff

Please advice, if the backoff sets are appropiate as long as the bar weight keeps increasing every week.