Should I do linear progression? Should I do linear progression?

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Thread: Should I do linear progression?

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    Default Should I do linear progression?

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    I've been lifting weights seriously for two years, now. A lot of regress, and an injury or two later, I got to a squat of a 175kg, a bench of 127 kg, and a deadlift of around 220kg. These at a bodyweight of around 96kg(211 lbs, I think?). Most of the time, I've been on pretty complicated programs, with progression built it every two to three months.

    This isn't the best progress, and I was wondering if it'd make sense to begin back from the linear progression? Or maybe from an 'intermediate' style programming, where I try to progress every week?

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    My suggestion, start with a vanilla novice linear progression. If you are intermediate, you will only be able to do it for a couple of weeks. If it works, ride it till it ends, when it ends move into intermediate. Worst case scenario, you lose a couple of weeks.

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    I'd run it until it's difficult to manage, which best case, will be 8 weeks or so. Once you reach that point, move to a four day split because chances are you need that 4th day for upper body given your baseline adaptations.


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