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    Hello all. New to the board here. I'm sure this is a fairly common question, but I'll try to tailor it a bit to my situation.

    I am about 1.5 year into getting serious about weight loss and strength. The first year was mostly cardio/high volume work for weight loss. I am currently down 115lbs to a BW of 275lbs.
    After reading Starting Strength I started the program 9 months ago and am beginning to reach a plateau for my lifts. My current 3x5 weights are SQ-365, BP-275, OHP-180, and DL-415. I started the program at a BW of 290 and have struggled to continue to lose weight while eating what I've needed to to build strength. I've been tracking intake with myfitnesspal.

    I guess my question is at what point do I transition away from the beginner program to continue strength progression while trying to get back to losing more weight? What does a next phase of the program look like?

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    Thanks for posting and congratulations both on losing weight and getting strong. You played this properly and are at a good place for what youíve done. If you are still making your lifts then continue the novice program until that is no longer the case. If you are struggling to make progress on the novice program than I suggest going to a HLM split, possibly with a 4th day for more upper body work. Iím happy to consult if you need more individualized advice!


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