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    Was wondering if this was maybe a stupid idea. Successfully wrapped up an NLP this past summer. Squeezed out a few more weeks with 5 x 3 as opposed to 3x5 on my lifts and just started to feel I needed a change. I started Wendler 5/3/1 with his Boring But Big supplementary program. It was fun, I enjoyed it. Ran out 9 weeks without missing a rep. I enjoyed the under an hour training sessions again, and the high reps and pump on the 5 x 10 sets were cool. The issue is, and this may sound crazy, I started to miss squatting 3 times a week, and more importantly squatting to start each session. I tend to feel more mentally and physically prepared for a heavy bench or press after squatting a few heavy sets of 5.

    My question is, Id like to restart a quick NLP, and seeing how far I can take it, and then move into an intermediate program with a better baseline of all of my lift maxes. I could probably figure out where I am ORM wise by looking at my last few sessions, but there is something cleaner about running out a NLP to really see where I am. Is this a dumb idea?

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    You appear confused about the difference between training and exercise. Pick a program, run it out, get stronger (more weight on the bar). Look at your training notes, figure out what needs adaption/improvement/change, stick to the modified program, run it out, get stronger. Rinse and repeat.

    NLP is designed to maximise novice gains, to get you from novice to a more advanced intermediate lifter, from then on progress is slower and requires more complexity of programming. So, why the hell would you think doing NLP again was right ?

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    I think that when anyone ever asks the question: should I run a LP (not a NLP), the answer is almost always yes.
    I'd go back to 3x5's, run it for however long you can, and then transition into intermediate training. No resets during your LP.


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