Looking for some advice on the best way to handle this program. I found this program after reading some of Andy bakers conjugate programming articles. I tried some of the program and enjoyed the structure and my family enjoyed that I wasnít in the gym longer than an hour. I decided to try the ksc method. I like it but have some issues that I wanted to see how best to address them.

One I want to make it 4 days instead of 5 days. Iím thinking take out the back day that is only pull ups and rows and not one of the four main lifts.

The second problem I have is the lower days. I found them to be tougher than upper body. My Deadlift day was fine till the second lift of rack pulls which just seemed to kill me after 3 x 8 of deadlifts. Than fast forward to the squat where a fairly light squat was brutal, 180 lbs. I think squatting twice a week would be best. Iíve found once a week squats gain little to no progress. So I was thinking on the lower body days I could do both a squat and a type of pull.

Any advice would be great. Thanks.