Squat Volume on 4 Day Split HL Intermediate Squat Volume on 4 Day Split HL Intermediate

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Thread: Squat Volume on 4 Day Split HL Intermediate

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    Default Squat Volume on 4 Day Split HL Intermediate

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    40, 5’10” 202lb>>221lb>>210lb

    Am currently doing a 4 day HL split intermediate, but have questions about squat volume.

    Goals: would like to be much leaner and a bit of physique stuff, while generally going up in strength. Am trying to cut now. Just over a year, did LP, did the classic not switching to intermediate soon enough and resetting a bunch mistake.

    B 185 5x5
    S 250 3setsof5 (LP high of 290 3x5, reset and went back up to that a few times)
    P 125 5x5
    D 280 once a week (still in LP, didn’t run properly before, actually not sure if I should maybe be doing twice a week, or maybe will just do light day/variation)
    Accessories so far, just curls once a week (maybe shift to twice a week) and t-bar for rear delts once a week (move to chins once I lose more weight, and/or add in another row somewhere in the week)


    Everyone says squats 5x5 is a b****, wouldn’t program for your worst enemy but they’re always referring to Texas Method. (Though really don’t understand how Texas and 4day HL are diff if both are weekly increases). The 4 day HL in PPST3 says 5x5, as more volume is needed to drive it past novice.

    So should I do 5x5 squats, or some variation with all those increasing and decreasing rep numbers I’ve seen somewhere by Andy Baker, or perhaps just 3x5 and get the volume on L day with front squats or just light squats or something. I didn't really have a problem with LP, although I know I didn't do everything the way I was supposed to, but I def prob don't want to do Texas Method.

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    Right. Well, decided that doing a 4 day split Texas for my squats would prob be fine. And I think I'll prefer the challenge of Intensity Day - a light day just doesn't get me motivated, end up not doing it. Sure, I'll prob end up hating the 5x5 squats.

    Did Tue Volume Squats 225 5x5, and Fri Intensity Squats 250 5x1. Will end up doing higher volume assistance for other lifts on "light" days. Bye.


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