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    I am new to the site and Starting Strength as a whole so I apologize if this is answered in one of the books (I have them on order as well as some lifting shoes). Introduced to SS by way of Michael Mathews, and had been utilizing his "Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger Program" - Through which I have made increases in my Bench, Press, DL, and Squat (I diligently track and record every workout). NOTE* I will be transitioning to the SS method ones the books arrive.

    The last 3 weeks my Bench press has stalled at 225 for 4 reps. I workout in a commercial gym without a spotter typically. Should I drop that down to 215 and get that back to higher reps (6-7) before trying 225, or should I grab someone to spot me, tell them what I need, and "grind out" the 5th rep with some assistance? Truth be told I was pissed off today when I went to Bench Press and, again, only managed to get 4 with 225.

    Thank so much for any insight, I am very grateful.


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    How many reps did you get with 222.5?


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