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    Background information....59 yr. old male, 6-1 tall, 195lbs. Lifting experience of over 40 years having worked in the industry as a Fitness Director and personal trainer with a Masters in Exercise Phys and CSCS, ACSM certifications. I left the industry approx. 25 years ago and got a real job with benefits, 401k, etc. Having only recently stumbled upon Starting Strength, I'm embarrassed to admit the things I was having people do 25-30 years ago were probably not in their best interest. Nor have the years of my own weight lifting experience necessarily served me well either. Though I'm probably fitter than the average 59-year-old guy wandering around a mall, I've beat my body to hell over the years doing, for the most part, bodybuilding workouts with excessive volume, too many single-joint exercises and not enough intensity to force change. In the process, I have shoulder and low back pain (inflammation) that makes increasing the intensity a challenge.

    With this background information, I'm wondering where I go from here. I love lifting weights and I want to push heavier loads, but after watching Rip's videos I realize how F'ed up my form was/is (even though I once considered myself a "professional" in the fitness business). Also, as I try to push heavier loads (which are actually not very heavy) my body "fights me" when I get to a certain level. For example, simply getting to 185lbs on the squat feels like I have a mack truck on my back. Benching 175lbs feels like I'm trying to press the same mack truck. All of these weights were mere warmup sets 25 years ago. Deadlifting is touchy on my tender back. Because of this, benching and squatting have been limited in my program the last 5-10 years which explains why my strength has been reduced to novice levels. So here are the questions...
    1. Has anyone else with a lot of lifting experience fallen into the same trap and were you able to pull out of this nosedive and get your lifts back up to reasonable levels?
    2. Have those with injuries or just sore joints found that going all the way back to novice weights (where I find myself now) and working on form and allowing your body to adjust to the movement patterns beneficial in making the weight increases less stressful on the body (i.e. where the body doesn't contest the load increases by becoming more inflamed or spasmatic)?

    Thanks and I appreciate your inputs....

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    I have a very limited experience with training your demographic BUT have you tried to start very, very light and run novice linear progression ? Make a video of your working sets and compere it with what you see on SS YouTube chanel ?

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    There is no need to start an LP any lighter than necessary. This is described in the books.


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