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    Hi there,
    In a recent podcast, Rip said to be a press specialist you need to press 4 times a week, how would this typically look in terms of volume and intensity, sets and reps etc over the 4 pressing sessions. In terms of fluctuating the stress. Any advice would be great. I'm an intermediate lifter that wants to develop a really strong press.

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    You may or may not need 4 pressing days per week. Right now I'm only pressing 1 day with rotating rep ranges and my press is climbing for the first time in a year. I went from working sets with 165lbs to 180lbs only getting in 15is reps per week. I would only add more pressing slots if you've stagnated with what your currently working with. Don't just jump to 4 days without having worked towards it.

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    In this article, Nick Delgadillo lays out probably best way to approach training the press for an intermediate lifter. If I were you, id start here: Intermediate Programming for the Upper Body Lifts | Nick Delgadillo

    Youll find, as you become more advanced, greater pressing frequency is needed to continue driving progress. However, keep in mind that you may not be at the point where you need to be pressing 4 times per week just yet.
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