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    First my info:
    39 years old, 5' 10", 265 lbs

    I am currently running the Texas Method and am in the running it out phase.
    Last week (week 12) these were my workouts.

    Monday (Volume day)
    Bench 5 sets of 5 at 290 lbs

    On this workout I failed the last rep of the bench press on the last set. This may have contributed to the problem I am asking about. But, I normally workout in the evening and this workout I did early in the morning as I was off work this day. I was not feeling great this workout and was lacking in energy.

    Wednesday (Light day)
    Press 3 sets of 5 at 155 lbs

    Friday (Intensity day)
    Bench 2 sets of 3 at 325 lbs

    Now my problem is that on Friday's workout I was doing my bench (in a rack with safeties in place) and the first set went fairly well. I felt like I had lost some tightness when unracking the bar myself. So, I asked a fellow gym goer to give me a liftoff. I specifically told him that I only wanted a liftoff as I have safeties in place. Then for the set he proceeded to keep trying to put hands on the bar. Finally after finishing the second rep I stopped at the top and told him to keep hands off the bar. I then proceeded to fail that last rep. So, my question is, what do I do now? Should I redo the whole week for the bench on the next cycle? Should I drop down to 3 sets of 2 and go to the next weight? Should I do a 2.5 pound jump instead of the 5 lbs I am doing every other week? Or something else? I possibly could have gotten the last rep if I hadn't of stopped to tell him to keep hands off, but there is no way to no for sure. Also, having failed 1 rep on volume day is concerning as well.
    Thanks for any insight.

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    I would just eat an extra burrito for the lost reps and proceed as normal.

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    First Three Questions. My bet is that your rest periods aren't long enough between sets or you aren't going up 2.5 lbs (assuming since you are working out in a gym). If the first three questions are satisfactory:

    Think about adjusting your volume day to be around 260 lbs. That is 80%. Take your Friday to a single set of 3 with two back-off sets of 5 @ around 90%. This should provide some additional tonnage and allow you to keep adding weight to the bar on intensity day.

    Keep us posted on what you do and the result.


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