skipped POWER CLEAN during SS. How to add snatch & clean to Texas method? skipped POWER CLEAN during SS. How to add snatch & clean to Texas method?

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Thread: skipped POWER CLEAN during SS. How to add snatch & clean to Texas method?

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    Default skipped POWER CLEAN during SS. How to add snatch & clean to Texas method?

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    I am a beginner-intermediate lifter (male, 33yr, 73kg @ 5'6", Indian). I had been doing starting strength novice program on&off for past 4 years, owing to months of breaks due to various personal reasons not related to health. Every time I got a few months break, I again started with empty bar. Now for past 6-7 months I made a good progress and finished the novice program.

    I read couple of articles & watched few YouTube videos and started TEXAS METHOD for past 2 weeks. Today's Intensity day lifts are:

    Intensity day: (today)
    Squat: 122.5kgx5
    Deadlift: 132.5kgx5
    OHP: 60kg x5

    Having felt the need for more information than just an article, I got Practical Programming for Strength Training, 3rd Edition and read the TEXAS METHOD from it. I am glad I did read it from the book. It made me understand that sustaining this program for as long as I can is the best way to increase the numbers rather than doing something foolish.

    My Problem:

    I skipped POWER CLEAN during my novice program. I know, according to RIP, that is not following STARTING STRENGTH program. But none of the Gyms in the areas I used to stay had barbells. They had only 5-6 feet, 7-10 kg rods without any rotating collars. Most of the gyms even didn't have even a squat stand (forget about rack). With great difficulty I found Gyms with a squat stand and did the SS program. But now its not a problem because, 3 weeks ago, I bought a squat rack, and invested in a good 7feet, 20 kg Olympic barbell.

    So the situation is, till now I have never performed a power clean. I didn't substitute with anything, I just skipped it. But I really like snatches and cleans. I want to do them and now I have required equipment to do them. Since I got the barbell, I am practicing the technique with a PVC pipe & empty barbell. But I don't understand how to fit into TEXAS program.

    Should I just add:
    Volume Day: Power Clean 5 x 3 (or) Power Snatch 6-8 x 2
    Recovery Day: Power Snatch 2 x 4 (or) Power Clean 3 x 3

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    Hi, just out of curiosity - why did you provide us with information that you are Indian ? Is it relevant ? If it is rude to ask - I'm sorry

    About power clean. My suggestion would be to warm up with power clean before your 5RM deadlift and add another sesion of PC some other day. If you do your deadlifts on volume day then add PC in your intensity day.

    Your PC should not be too heavy for now so it will not get you tired before deadlifts. When you will be able to put more wheight on the bar just stop doing heavy cleans before your deadlifts.

    The best way to learn how to clean is with some weight on the bar. PVC pipie is to light to force you to throw the bar on your shoulders. Just pick a wheight that offer enough resistance so you cannot "muscle clean" it, but not too heavy so you don't have to struggle with it.


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