I messed up. Your advice is appreciated I messed up. Your advice is appreciated

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Thread: I messed up. Your advice is appreciated

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    Default I messed up. Your advice is appreciated

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    I started the SS program about 4 months ago with no previous training/sports history. I have never been a big eater but thought I increased my food intake enough until I recently did the math and realized Iím definitely not eating enough. Iíve gained about 12 pounds (no increase in waist size). Seeing how I wasnít doing the program right, have I wasted the opportunity for the major benefits thru the NLP? If I adjust and up my nutrition now will I still be able to get some of the gains I missed out on the last few months, or do I proceed to the next step in programming? Thanks for all you guys do!

    6í4Ē...200#ís...3x5 of the following...240 squat, 160 bench, 105 press, 260 deadlift 1x5.

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    Unless your very old your lifts arenít very high I would eat a lot more and rest longer between sets and see. I would be skinny at your weight.

    We are the same height Iím 60 lbs heavier you need to grow so eat and start LP


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