Hello everyone!

Im reading for second time the book "Practical Programming for Strength Training" and I finished Chapter 7: The Intermediate. Regarding the last section of this chapter, "Frequency Variation" (in the Starr Model), about adding extradays to increase volume during the training week, I am struck by certain characteristics of the programming table of "Five Day Model Phase II (extra medium day becomes heavy day)".

Comparing with the previous table of the first phase of the 5 days:
#1 On Wednesday it goes from 5 repetitions to doing 6 repetitions of the Olympic movements at 75%. Is it a typo? Wouldn't it be too many reps to be the Olympic lifts even if they are done at low intensity?
#2 On Friday the number of front squat sets, reps and intensity of the load are not specified. Would be "FS 85%x2x2" like in the first phase?

A greeting from Spain