Question about failing sets/reps after sickness Question about failing sets/reps after sickness

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Thread: Question about failing sets/reps after sickness

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    Exclamation Question about failing sets/reps after sickness

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    I have been sick for some days and have been skipping one workout. I did that workout today instead of Tuesday since I feel better now (I train Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday) However, I was much much weaker compared to my last workout on Sunday. I was increasing weights with 2,5 kg in all my lifts except OH as mentioned in the program but on squats I only could do 4x4x3 (I failed on 2 of them, put the bar on the safety rack) and on OH 4x4x3 and I had to lower the weight on power cleans in order to make 5x3. I also rested 5+ minutes on both squats and OH. I did not do any deload or reset this workout after being sick and I probably didn't eat enough during my sick days. My squats have always been tough but I finally managed to break through my plate when my sickness hit me. I was very happy I finally could increase weights before my sickness, but now I am back with weakness and failing reps. What do you think I should do? I want to continue the linear progression and get strong af.

    Todays weights were:

    Squat: 240 lbs (PB but 4x4x3)
    OH: 105 lbs (PB but 4x4x3)
    Power Clean: 110 lbs (reduced from earlier 132 lbs)

    Thanks in advance.

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    how much weight did you loose while sick ?
    (find it again)
    Current height and weight ?

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    I don't weight myself since I have had eating disorders earlier, but I don't think I have lost that much weight. Height is about 5"10 and weight I would believe around 176 lbs (I don't know though).


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