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    Default HLM light day (press) question

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    im about to transition from LP to HLM as seen on pg 163 grey book

    H day
    5x1-5 (rotate 5s,3s,1s for a 3 week cycle) S,BP,DL

    L day
    3x5 -20% S,OHP,chins

    M day
    3x5 -10% S,CGBP,SLDL

    My question is, as the H day lifts (squat,bench) go from week 1 5x5, week 2 5x3, week 3 5x1.. does the L day press stay at 3 sets of 5? should i be rotating the rep range as well like i do the other lifts on H day? or does that introduce too much stress for a L day and i should just be focusing on S,BP,DL now? i took a deload on press bc after my LP i got to where it was tough to finish 3x5.


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    General recommendations for the light day are around 15 total reps. You have some flexibility here in how you plan that out (e.g., 5s, 3s, etc.), but starting with 3x5 is usually a fine choice and if it keeps working, no need to change it right away. However, for the PR, since that is not your focus lift (you only train it once per week here), a slightly heavier weight at 5x5 can be used.

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    I would add that on the press 5X5 is fine but, get all you can out of 3X5 first. There is no point in doing more than needed to drive an adaptation. All that does is tax recovery. Also use micro plates. The press is a slow lift and adding 5 lbs. runs out quickly.


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