Program 2D "Advanced Masters Novice Program" on page 196 of "The Barbell Prescription Program 2D "Advanced Masters Novice Program" on page 196 of "The Barbell Prescription

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Thread: Program 2D "Advanced Masters Novice Program" on page 196 of "The Barbell Prescription

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    Default Program 2D "Advanced Masters Novice Program" on page 196 of "The Barbell Prescription

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    HI Mark or Andy,

    I have a question relationing to Program 2D "Advanced Masters Novice Program" on page 196 of "The Barbell Prescription". I intend to follow the novice 2A, 2B, 2C, then 2D and avoid power cleans (as per page 194 "the trainee's ability to use the clean to safely...have passed him by...")

    I intend focusing on squat, deadlift, press, and bench press and maybe chins/pull ups.

    I am going to build a home gym with powerrack, plates, barbells, bench and do not know if I need to buy a lat pull down add-on to the power rack or not. I think not, as lat pull downs seem not to be much emphasised in "The Barbell Prescription" in general. I hope I have understood this right?

    Program 2D does have lat pulls without listing alternatives. So I was wondering if I could substitute instead Chins or Body weight rows like in Program 2B (page 195) in the program 2D when I come to it, and avoid buying a costly lat pull add on?

    Note: I know that in particular the intermediate programs are not cookie cutters, more general guidance, but as I am planning the purchase of this gym equipment while I cannot workout in the gym (due to Covid), it is a question that has relevance now, before I finalise what I will buy, so please bear with me even though I have not started the program yet.

    I look forward to your thoughts if you have the time.

    I am a nearly 50 year old novice at 209 pounds, 183 cm tall. My pre Covid lifts were:
    bench 209 * 3
    dead lift 265 * 5
    squat 200 * 5

    I have obviously not been training or getting anywhere in the last 20 years, so it's time for a change.

    Lastly, a massive thank you for "Starting Strength", Practical Programming and The Barbell Prescription". I have bought and devoured them and feel ready to start training after spending the last 20 years exercising in the gym and not getting anywhere fast. The scholarship and carefully thought out texts are simply excellent.

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    If you can do Chins and/or Pull Ups then you probably don't need a lat pulldown attachment.

    If you can't do any chins then I like for trainees to do some sort of "pulling" exercise for the lats/upperback/biceps. BB Rows are good, but I also like to have an option that (1) is easier to learn to do correctly for the novice / early intermediate - as barbell rows are rarely done right without instruction (2) give the lower back a break. This is where you'd want to invest in either a lat pulldown attachment or something to do bodyweight rows with.

    You can do BW rows from a bar suspended in the rack BUT I think you'll find the exercise far more effective if you use a pair of rings / straps. My preference is the "Blast Strap" from EliteFTS. Like all their stuff - it's a bit pricey for what it is, but it's of the highest quality, and certainly still cheaper than a lat pull attachment. I have a pair of blast straps for all the racks in my gym and I use them all the time for clients to do BW Rows with.

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    HI Andy, thanks for the reply.

    I can certainly do chins and pull ups. I already have some gymnastic rings I use for pulls ups in the garage suspended from the rafters.

    So if I got what you said correctly I could just substitute in some BW rows instead of lat pulls in program 2D using my rings, that sound ok?

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    Sorry Andy, I just re-read your response and realize that I think you were suggesting that as I can do chins/pullups I can just replace lat pulls in program 2D with chins?

    Kind of...?


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