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Now I am confused. On your first post the weight did not get heavier between week 0 and week 5. Let's try this. Post up an example with your numbers.
That was for volume days. Intensity days sort of auto-regulate and may wield more than one PR per cycle.

Ok, I'll give my squat numbers, these are in kg, since conversion would be a hassle and I'd lose precision.

03/ ?/2019 I hit a 200kg squat at a meet. By that time I could squat a little over 160x5.
12/02/2019 I hit 176x5, my biggest squat for reps.

I moved right before Christmas, didn't train until the second week of january. New gym, shitty bent bars (previously I lifted at a home gym), weird racks. Got into a good training groove, PRed on deadlifts, other lifts were going well too.

03/07/2020 got sick. Fever and stuff.
03/12 back to training. Body was still sore and I was very weak.
03/18 corona outbreak, we weren't ALLOWED to leave home anymore (oh, how I missed my home gym...)
03/28 - 04/07 got to sneak up to the gym a couple of times
04/07 got back to training for good. Some crazy rules the governor made up caused me to miss 2-3 training sessions since then, but things are decent enough.

All that to say this hasn't been a regular year in the slightest... Now to the actual numbers:

07/13 (volume day) 144x6x4
07/15 (light day) 112x6x2 (front squat)
07/17 (intensity day) 172x1 + 164x5 - last TM week before my first VD deload. Squated that at an RPE @eyeballsbursting

07/20 (VD) 130x3x3
22th (LD) 110x3x2 (pin squats)
24th (ID) 170x1 + 160x5

27th 130x5x5
29th 110x5x2 (pin)
31th 174x1 + 166x5 (PR in this current run)

08/03 136x5x5
05th 114x5x2 (pin)
07th 176x1 + 168x5 (PR in this current run)

10th 140x5x5
12th 116x5x2 (pin)
14th 176x1 + 170x5 (PR in this current run)

17th 148x5x5 (all time volume PR, not max effort though)
19th 120x5x2 (pin)
21th 178x1 + 160x3x2 (here I was very tired and both my biceps tendons were hurting) - This week's tonnage was also the highest squat tonnage I ever did.

24th 130x3x3
26th 110x3x2 (pin)
27th as of today my elbows are as good as new and I'm feeling well
28th I'll hit the single at 178, and unless I'm somehow still very fatigued I'll go for 172x5

Just a note on my elbows: I remember suffering from medial epicondilitis since my early teens, unrelated to lifting. Doing "calisthenics" didn't help either. It acctually got way better since I started training. I now have only irregular inflamation on my biceps tendons, especially the left one, but it's easy to keep it under control. I'd say my squat grip is ok, it just so happens that my elbows were screwed up even before I knew what a squat was...