Are there any alternatives to the press Are there any alternatives to the press

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Thread: Are there any alternatives to the press

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    Dear Mr Rippetoe,
    Dear Starting Strength Team,

    Greetings from Munich, Bavaria. I recently started my SS Novice Program. Due to the German regulations due to Covid I decided to set up a home gym in my basement. Unfortunately the ceiling height isn't high enough, so that I cannot use my full range of motion. Is a seated press a sufficient alternative until I can find a better place for my cage? Or should I just train the bench press?

    Thank you in advance


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    Seated press on a flat bench works just fine.

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    I train the seated press myself for the same reason (I'm 6'3" and my ceiling is around 7'). I have found a tendency to tip backwards when the weight gets heavy. I suspect I have a form problem somewhere, but I haven't worked it out yet.


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