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    Okey dokey, I've been running my "D," in the dirt trying to figure out programming for myself. I don't know what I should be doing, or how often, what accessory & supplemental exercises to pick that lead to gains in my lifts I'm currently concerned with. These lifts are as follow: press, squat, deadlift, and bench (shocker, I know). I've been doing WSB Conjagate method for 1 month, but the Texas Method seems more my jam. I'm aware you can't train WSB unless you're training there, but the point was the program.

    What is the gauge in which I will know phsyically when I am recovered from a training session? Can I add sub maximal volume to weak points to gain muscle/strength in the minimax areas? How do I pick the appropriate supplemental & accessory exercises to increase the lifts? How do I test this, weekly? Bi-weekly? Monthly? How do I know I'm progressing? How do I know when I'm under-recovered? How do I program per goals? How do I determine the effective dosage of iron to illicit the response I want?

    Where I'm at as of 9/6/20; Press 225x1r & 185x5r (RPE 9/10) with belt. DL 545x5r (RPE 9/10) with belt. Squat 405x5 (RPE 7/10) with belt. Bench 275x5 (RPE 8/10) no belt.

    I'd like to Press 275x1, DL 700x1, SQ 600x1, Bench 350x1 again.

    Currently 6'1'' without heels, 223-228lbs. About 18 years under the bar.

    Thanks for reading & helping folks.


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    Get an SS coach to set up a custom programme for you. It will cost you a few hundred dollars for 12 weeks or so of personal coaching. During this time you can begin to figure things out more clearly by learning what your coach modifies. This was my approach as I’m also a meathead and the book just didn’t help until I’d had the coaching-then it makes more sense. It’s like learning to drive, you can learn from studying a book, but it’s easier to get some lessons then learn the finer points from study. I really didn’t want to pay out for a coach, but having done so, I’d strongly recommend it and happily spend that money again.


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