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    Question Starting Strength phase 2 to 3

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    Hiya guys,

    I've recently picked up weightlifting again after an 8 year hiatus. I've always been more of a powerlifting/Olympic weightlifting kinda guy, so I did my research and I came across the starting strength program. I love it, because it has all the movements I love.

    I've did phase 1 for 3 weeks and I'm now in phase 2 week 3. Now it's kinda getting difficult for me to figure out when I should go to phase 3. Do you guys have any tips? Should I focus on fatigue, progress, ...?

    You can find my schedule here:
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    The weight is in kilograms. I weigh 86kgs if that matters.

    Thanks so much!



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    How much are you deadlifting, and how much weight are you adding to the deadlift each time you train it?

    The only real difference in these "phases" is deadlifting frequency reduction, so if you can keep adding significant pounds to the bar each time you train the deadlift, keep doing that.

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    Atm I'm deadlifting 220 pounds. I'm adding about 10 pounds per week (so per 1-2 workouts).

    But that's useful advice, thanks!

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    If it's getting hard, there is no problem switching to 5lb jumps in the deadlift. That is normally the first modification before adding in light pulling.
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