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    Hello, i`m 6 months into my Linear Progression, and i`making great Progress. My numbers are :

    Squat 315x3x5
    Deadlift 350x5
    Press 135x3x5

    BW is around 200 lbs

    My Question is :

    So far i have not been doing warmup Sets for the Deadlift, since my lower Back always feels a little fatigued from Squatting, and i dont want to waste any strength for warming up. I go straight to my work set in the Deadlift. Is the warmup my muscles get from squatting enough and i can continue to not warm up for Deads, or is that an injury waiting to happen ?

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    The squat will warm your body up just fine for all the other lifts, but the other component of warm-ups is to prime your movement pattern of the lifts so that the work sets are moving efficiently. Another reason for the warm-ups is to adjust your body for the load you will be lifting; this becomes more important as the weight gets heavier - imagine if you squatted in the 400s and then went to DL 600 with no warm-up. So, you should definitely be doing several DL warm-ups. The key is to make sure they are tapered (i.e., 5, 3, 2) and that the weight jumps are appropriate.
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