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    Hi there,

    36 y.o

    200-250 g protein per day
    3500 calories per day

    Progress – (all sets of 5 except Cleans for 3)

    Jun 01
    Squat 155 lbs
    Bench 132.5 lbs
    Dead 265 lbs
    OHP 110 lbs
    Cleans 110 lbs

    Oct 5
    Squat 325 lbs
    Dead 397 lbs
    Bench 220 lbs
    OHP 148 lbs
    Cleans 165 lbs

    Beginning to fail various lifts – deads only got to 1 rep for 400lbs last session, I’ve backed off 2 times on upper body lifts. And I’ve moved onto the late novice 5 x 1 with 5 x 2 back-off for every relevant lift.

    The first three questions:
    Sleep is consistently 8-9 hours
    Reduced jumps on my squats and deads to 2.5 lbs, press to 1 pound (have microplates) and bench to 2 pounds.
    Rest between worksets is 7-10 min

    Finally the question: Upper body lifts seem proportionally weak compared to lower body. But bench and press are getting damn hard. Are these acceptable numbers for a move to intermediate or is there more likely a novice technique or programming issue at play?

    Would appreciate any help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seamus View Post
    Rest between worksets is 7-10 min
    Guess what?

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    There it is. Thanks Rip.


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