Squat and Deadlift programming after injury Squat and Deadlift programming after injury

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Thread: Squat and Deadlift programming after injury

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    Default Squat and Deadlift programming after injury

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    Due to a great Nick D'agostino's advice in my last thread, I have switched to pause squats in order to rehab an inner-thigh injury. I ramp up the weight to a top set of 5.
    It works just fine and at the moment I squat "heavy" twice\week, with a light session between. Monday heavy, Wednesday light, Friday heavy. The last heavy session was: 20kg*5 , 55kg*5 , 75kg*5 , 95kg*5 , 115kg*5 , 135kg*5. Next time every set would be 2.5kg heavier. All reps are paused squats. My all-time PR is 200kg for 4 reps (regular squat), so this is not heavy for me at the moment. It works great also in terms of pain, and I don't like to change things that work. But, regular squats are obviously better.
    When do you think I should switch back to regular squats, and how shall I do so? at the moment, pain still exist but lower than before. I think that regular squats with stretch reflex would be a bit more painful but I guess it would be okay with probably 100kg-115kg. What would you suggest in that field?

    About the deadlift,
    I'm competitive athlete, hopefully worlds level at 2021 / 2022 (not in a lifting sport of course), and I figured out that the grip benefit out of the mixed grip doesn't worth the risk of rupturing the bicep. Hook grip is a problem since my fingers are too short, with thick palm. At the moment I deadlift once a week, at Friday. I do a "heavy" set of 5 with a double overhand grip and than a heavy single with straps. I increase the weight in the set of 5 every 2 weeks in order to, of course, build grip strength.
    So it looks like this at the moment:
    warmup (70kg, 100kg, 130kg), 145kg*5 double overhand, 165kg*1 with straps, 180kg*1 with straps.
    Adding 5kg/week to the top set. My all time PR is 200kg*5, so I guess it will start being difficult around 190kg-200kg.
    In terms of grip, 145kg*5 double-overhand is difficult. I would probably succeed pulling 147.5kg*5 next time, but surely not much more than that in terms of grip strength. Probably not heavier than 150kg*5.

    What do you think about my deadlift programming, and would you change it?

    Thank you very much in advance :-)

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    Regarding the SQ, I had a very bad adductor tear years ago and basically after some time I would just test it out with regular squats. If the pain worsened a bit, then I would stop and go back to the alternate version so it had more time to heal. Periodic testing worked well and eventually I was able to switch back over.

    For the DL, if you are competitive you won't be able to use straps (unless you are in Strongman), so you will likely need to reduce their use. It is extremely rare that someone tears a bicep with a mixed grip, so I wouldn't worry about that, especially at the weights you are pulling. Just make sure you don't "curl" your supinated hand as you stand up. Use the double overhand as much as possible to build strength and then the mixed grip as needed - it will also help build your grip strength. You can still use straps, but use them judiciously if you won't be able to use them in competition.
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    Thanks for the reply :-)

    About the deadlift, I am not competitive in a lifting sport but in underwater hockey. I didn't mention it because it's unlikely that someone here have heared about it haha.
    So my question about the deadlift is on the programming of it - one top 5-rep set of a max double-overhand grip, and an incrementally heavier single... what do you think about it in terms of long term progression in the deadlift?

    Thanks again

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    Separate from the programming, but in terms of grip training, this may be helpful: you can probably double overhand a significantly heavier single than what you can for a set of 5. I sometimes do all my warmups double overhand, even up to my last one, which is usually about 90% of my top set. If you get to a point where a heavy top single isn't driving progress, and you need to ditch the DOH set of 5 and add some reps at the top, this might be a way to keep working your grip. Of course as the weight gets heavier, that may not be possible for all your warmups, but you see the idea.


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