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    Referring to this very helpful article:

    Minimum Effective Dose for Maximum Strength, Part 2

    MED Step 4: Texas Method or HLM Transition states 3-5 sets of squats on Monday.

    I understand that you shouldn't reduce volume in this transition stage.
    I'm trying to understand whether it's better to start with 3 sets on Monday ?
    This would reduce weekly volume, so perhaps add 2 back off sets on Friday, distributing the volume squats across 2 sessions ?

    What experiences have people had making this transition, have they found that, even with a sensible reduction in weight, 5 sets just becomes to much to complete and/or severely adversely affects the deadlift ?

    Does moving 2 squat sets to Friday as backoffs undermine the stress/recovery in some way ?

    Appreciate all experiences with this transition and any successful or unsuccessful amendments they've tried.

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