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    i would appreciate some feedback on my current programme. i workout 3 times a week.

    Tuesday - squat/deadlift, bench press for 5 reps x 3 sets, shoulder press for 5 x 3, barbell curls 10 x 3, incline dumbell bench press 8 x 3, lateral raises 10 x 3 or a tricep exercise 8 x 3

    Thursday- Squat/deadlift, lat pulldowns approx 15 x 4 (i dont have access to lat pulldown machine atm so i am using resistance bands with a bar), bent over rows 6 x 3, pull ups 7 x 3, bench press 5 x 3

    Saturday- Squat /Deadlift, romanian deadlift 8 x 3, walking lunges 4 sets with 17.5kg dumbells or bulgarian split squats 8 x 3 on each leg, calf raises 4 sets (i do these to failure on the edge of a step), front squat 5 x 3, and ill either do nordic curls 8 x 3 or hamstring bridges with my feet up on a bench for 6 x 3.

    i try to squat and deadlift twice per week. deadlift is currently 140kg x 5 reps and i do 1 set, ive had to reset my squat as my form was not good and i wasnt hitting depth. it was 135kg x 3 but now at the moment ive fallen back to 90kg/100kg an am using a box in an effort to correct my form and get deeper when im squatting.

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    But have you tried THE program? You seem to be doing a lot of fluff that cant be contributing much to address the issues you are having, and in fact are probably interfering.

    Rip directed you to the book which does not once have the words bulgarian split squat or calf raises. I highly recommend both books, as its not entirely clear that you are passed the NLP, and if you read PP:ST you will likely recieve the tools you need to refine your exercise selection


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