Redoing my NLP a couple of years later Redoing my NLP a couple of years later

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Thread: Redoing my NLP a couple of years later

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    Default Redoing my NLP a couple of years later

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    23 years old
    89kg (196lbs) (currently)

    Ive ran out NLP a couple of years ago when I was 20-21 years old, I was 70kg (154pounds) > My bodyweight went from 70kg to 79kg I added 9kg (19.8 pounds)

    My finishing numbers in that time frame were;

    Squat - 140kg (308lbs) x 5
    Bench - 75kg (165lbs) x 5 (weak, I was battling a pec injury)
    DL - 170kg (374lbs)
    Cleans - 60kg (132lbs) x 3
    Chins - weighted @ 25kg (55lbs) x 5

    I then was forced to change, with MMA training picking up and starting a business my sleep, eating and time went to shit.

    I then got back into training and did a weightlifting block alongside MMA for 6 months, and progressed well there.

    Im wanting to have a successful run through starting strength NLP again because my squats and deads and much weaker then they have been in past, but my bench press and cleans are much higher then before.

    Im a couple of weeks in and my current numbers are;
    squat - 3 x 5 @ 203lbs
    bench 3 x 5 @ 187lbs
    Dl 1 x 5 @ 275lbs

    (havent introduced cleans or chins again yet as in second week back of NLP)

    thats my history;
    Im guessing my question from a programming perspective is I currently running my business and forced to sleep 4-5 hours if im lucky, and food quality and quantity is currently down from not being able to stop

    Should i set my programming up as normal, with an extra rest day between sessions?

    monday - workout A
    Thursday - workout B
    Sunday - Work out A
    Wednesday - workout B

    Obviously while actively working on getting myself into a better position to be able to sleep a full 8 hours and eat a better diet?

    ANy responses will be massively appreciated -


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    As you are still not near your old weight for most of the lifts, you likely are fine without the extra rest day for a while. As you do get closer, I would just wait and see how you feel. The spread you listed will leave a very long time between sessions which could have you run into detraining issues. If the squat gets hard you can always throw in a light day Wednesday, for example. You can do the same for the Deadlift. But honestly it might not be necessary. You are young and that is a huge advantage. Do everything you can to up your eating before you get to your old numbers.
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    Okay awesome! Will keep ripping it!

    Thank you for your response!


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